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YOUR online CLASSROOM – anywhere/anytime Presented by: Deborah Moore (JPN Teacher AHS)
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YOUR online CLASSROOM anywhere/anytimePresented by: Deborah Moore (JPN Teacher AHS)

**WHAT is Edmodo??***free / safe social Network *Outside the classroom CAN DRIVE CHANGE Within the Classroom*Social LEARNING for Classrooms*Allows REAL-TIME Communication*GLOBAL CONNECTIONS

SAFE Student to teacher - Student to Class - Parent CodesEQUALITY in communication among students. (shy students often post to teacher to ask questions)REAL-TIME COMMUNICATION instant feedback - enhances teachers understanding of their students (recognise students needs/learning styles/relationship building)enables direct messages, small group and class or larger group communication.**WHY Edmodo??**

*resource sharing*collaboration*lessons*assessments*organisation**HOW to Edmodo??**

ENCOURAGES INDEPENDEDNT LEARNING Project based learning (small Groups)SMALL GROUPS all class POST Google doc links. Kids can POST links, TEACHERS can CREATE teacher GROUPS for subjectsGRADE BOOK.. Great for PT night ASSESS students engagement - REPORTINGFOLDERS LIBRARY backpack for kids. DEADLINES. ALERTS REMINDERS - NOTIFICATIONS4

** Edmodo App **notifications* Assignment Grades* Answers to questions* Latest Posts

**HOW to Edmodo??**Edmodo is FREE!**TEACHERS****RECOMMENDEDCan register a school DOMAIN, so one teacher is admin. Can see everything and monitor and also change all school passwords-students and teachers

No Email Needed for Students to Join a Group(Just a Group Code)

**HOW to Edmodo??****STUDENTS**

Optional: Parents Can Access the Group (Each Student Has Their Own Parent Access Code)

**HOW to Edmodo??****Parents**

What Parents CAN see:

** Assignments due within the next two weeks.** Late Assignments. ** New grades their child has received on an Assignment or Quiz. ** Upcoming events.** Assignment comments made by teachers.** Alerts sent to the child's group, and all replies to the Alert.** Latest Posts: ** Direct messages between the child and his/her teacher(s).** Messages that you send to the Parents.** Parents will NOT see Notes posted to the entire group unless the teacher specifically selects (Parents) into the Send To field of the Note.The Parent Homepage:

** ..... Other .....**Join EDMODO CommunitiesConnect with other teachersFollow #edmodochat on twitter

Ask in support

Google Apps For Education (GAFE)is an enterprise level software solution for cloud based collaborative teaching and learning.Applications include but are not limited to Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Sites, Gmail and Calendar.

Google Apps are available on any device, anywhere, anytime.This means that the users content is always accessible.Finally, collaboration can occur on any device, anywhere, anytime.



For ME?CONVENIENT for class management DEVELOPS independent learning PREPARES students for their future SAVES me TIME I MUST . BYOD 21C responsibilities *COOL*

*iPads in @ AHS*

*** SHOW VIDEO of ss

WHY??** DRILL or CREATIVITY any level

Which APPS?Pic Collage comic lifeEducreations QuizletTellagami iSpot Japan iMovie imiwaBook Creator Sock Puppets*** ibook


Iain Doherty slideshare on GAFE

ALL INSPIRATIONAL educators before me!!

MY PLN on TWITTER and YAMMER and even FB!!*Acknowledgements**NOW .............. It is YOUR turn

*CREATE an Edmodo Account*Join the GROUP..... qg9dkh...... READ the posts and complete the activities... We can do the POLLtogether