Recruiting & retaining� a competitive �workforce

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In this report we explore how organisations are managing the changing expectations and perceptions highlighted by employees in our 2013 report; from increased market confidence and willingness to move jobs, to an increasingly migratory talent pool. We also examine employers’ drivers for the future, together with how organisations plan to recruit and retain talent. For more information visit:

Transcript of Recruiting & retaining� a competitive �workforce

  • 1. Recruiting & retaining a competitive workforce Leon Hendra, Head of Contracting
  • 2. Todays agenda Case study: Recruiting and retaining talent in an organically grown business, with reference to leadership & development Real Life Sciences industry report highlights: Recruiting and retaining a competitive workforce, A spotlight on European employers 2014 About Real Life Sciences.
  • 3. Leading the field Real Life Sciences is a global leader in pharma, biotech and medical devices recruitment. We have one of the largest networks of specialist recruiters in the world. We have more 250 specialist pharma, biotech and medical devices recruiters worldwide and growing. Our premise: by recognising talent and valuing relationships we can deliver local, global and industry expertise wherever you need it.
  • 4. From our offices around the world Real Life Sciences is committed to providing our clients and candidates with the highest standards in recruitment and to providing each with a personal and bespoke experience. Global reach Sydney Brisbane Amsterdam Frankfurt Zurich Brussels Leeds Birmingham London City London Soho Boston New York Chicago San Francisco San Diego Paris Singapore Tokyo Dublin
  • 5. Our methodology Real Life Sciences industry report: Recruiting and retaining a competitive workforce Based on the results of our worldwide employer survey, conducted with over 200 leading Life Sciences organisations from across the world. Plus further insight from our series of 10 international thought-leadership roundtables, which were attended by senior leaders from across the Life Sciences industry. Download the full report at:
  • 6. The recruitment outlook In the past 12 months do you think the available talent pool has: Increase market share Top 3 commercial objectives for the next 3 years: 70.8% 61.1% 55.6% Develop new products Increase competitiveness
  • 7. The recruitment landscape How important are the following factors when looking for a new role? European employee perspective 2013
  • 8. Recruitment trends and challenges Increasing salary and bonus expectations50.0% 47.2% 44.4% Increased competition for the best people Lack of skilled professionals on the market Top 3 recruitment trends seen by employers: Biggest challenges facing employers: Lack of talent 51.4% 50.0% 48.6% Lack of available skilled talent Competition for the best talent
  • 9. Paying attention to retention Employers are confident about retaining their best people, saying: 70.0% 57.5% 44.4% Our staff churn levels are low We offer competitive salaries/financial packages We offer competitive flexible benefits/work-life balance
  • 10. The employer proposition Employers felt their top 3 strengths when recruiting are: 58.3% 50.0% 40.3% Offering a good work/life balance and flexible working Offering a competitive financial package Offering good L&D and career development opportunities and their reputation as a desirable place to work
  • 11. An organic business model Since inception Real Life Sciences has grown organically This unique model has shaped our employer proposition.
  • 12. Case study: the root of the problem Our internal analysis showed 2 critical issues: Pain pointsStaff turnover Who will lead? Leadership deficit
  • 13. Case study: Employer proposition To solve our staff turnover challenge, and strengthen our hiring and onboarding we invested in reinforcing our employer proposition, in three main areas:
  • 14. Case study: Leadership proposition Developing leaders from specialists is the challenge of the organic business model. Tailored executive MBA Training leaders from day 1 International mentoring program
  • 15. Summary Continual leadership development is the alternative path. A Tailored employer proposition will strengthen your ability to recruit and retain the best talent. The war for talent is back, this time its Global.
  • 16. Thank you for listening. Any Questions? Contact me E: T: +49 (0)69 2648 98022