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Recruiting & Retaining Referees. Recruiting Referees. Recruiting Referees. Recognize that recruiting is a never ending task. Every person you come in contact with is a potential referee. Recruiting Referees. Identify and train Recruiters to focus on this task. Have sales experience. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Recruiting & Retaining Referees


  • Recruiting Referees10/8/2012*

  • Recruiting RefereesRecognize that recruiting is a never ending task.Every person you come in contact with is a potential referee.


  • Recruiting RefereesIdentify and train Recruiters to focus on this task.Have sales experience.Be personable.Be persistent.Be dedicated.Be gender and age specific (women and youth referees as recruiters).Be a genuine believer.10/8/2012*

  • Recruiting RefereesTraining Recruiters and teaching the basic recruiting methods:Initial contact. Go slowly.Know your customers.


  • Recruiting Referees

    Common excuses we hear from people to avoid becoming a part of our wonderful national membership.


  • Recruiting Referees

    I dont know anything about the game!10/8/2012*

  • Recruiting Referees

    I dont have time!10/8/2012*

  • Recruiting Referees

    I dont think I could put up with the behavior of some coaches and spectators!10/8/2012*

  • Recruiting Referees

    Im not the right kind of person to be a referee, Id be embarrassed!10/8/2012*

  • Recruiting Referees

    Im a woman and women dont referee!10/8/2012*

  • Recruiting Referees

    I cant afford the equipment!10/8/2012*

  • Recruiting Referees

    Im too old!10/8/2012*

  • Recruiting Referees

    Im too young!10/8/2012*

  • Recruiting Referees

    I dont think I could keep up with the players.Some of them are pretty fast!10/8/2012*

  • Recruiting Referees

    I dont think I could handle the responsibilities of the referee!10/8/2012*

  • Recruiting RefereesWhen and Where to recruit:Prior to registrationsDuring registrationsDuring practicesDuring games

    It pays to advertise!10/8/2012*

  • Player parentsPlayersBoy and Girl ScoutsChurch GroupsSchoolsCollege bound playersJob hunting playersSeniorsOthers?

    Recruiting Referees10/8/2012*Who to recruit?

  • Designated recruitersPublicityForced RecruitingThe Buddy SystemThe Referee Mentor ProgramOthers methods?

    Recruiting Referees10/8/2012*How to recruit?

  • Recruiting Referees

    Use the Diagonal System in Recruiting.10/8/2012*

  • Retaining Referees10/8/2012*

  • Retaining RefereesWhy do referees quit refereeing?

    Why do referees continue to referee?10/8/2012*

  • Retaining RefereesNothing succeeds like success.

    Refereeing should be fun so10/8/2012*

  • Retaining RefereesFirst things first:


    Do not tolerate coaches, spectators or other referees that will not support the program.


  • Retaining RefereesFor every referee you retain, that person can assist in the recruitment of new referees and help you get more referees to cover your matches!10/8/2012*

  • Retaining RefereesProvide adequate training from the start.A good start.Dont forget your veterans.Use of the Diagonal System.10/8/2012*

  • Retaining Referees

    Establish good communication.10/8/2012*

  • Retaining RefereesForm a referee club:MeetingsGuest speakersInvolve everyoneDont forget the womenYouth referee programs10/8/2012*

  • Retaining RefereesOffer motivational incentives:UniformsThank yous from players and coachesAwardsEnd of season banquet or potluck10/8/2012*

  • Retaining RefereesDeal FIRMLY with abuseBe proactiveBe committedZero toleranceThe Coach Administrator is key10/8/2012*

  • Retaining RefereesShaping the referees imageFight to change public perceptionPublic recognitionSpread the wordBe proudSpotlight individuals10/8/2012*

  • Retaining Referees

    Referee Mentor Program10/8/2012*

  • Retaining RefereesDevelop a CORE referee groupTeachingMentor to provide personalized attention and make new friendsAssessing, and most important,Encourage the next set of referees10/8/2012*

  • ConclusionRecruiting referees is a never ending taskUse recruiters and train them to overcome the objectionsMinimize problems from the touchline10/8/2012*

  • ConclusionKeep them coming back by:Minimize problems outside the touchlineUse award recognition when feasibleProvide socialization opportunitiesProvide continuing education opportunitiesEstablish a mentor program to encourage referees10/8/2012*

  • Ready Set - Ref!10/8/2012*Thank you for all you do for AYSO!!

    Introduce yourself, any co-instructors, and the topic.Refer to page 4 of the LP*Reference the Recruiting and Retaining Manual available for download from or order from the supply center.*See page 4 of lesson plan Instructor Note to demonstrate a poor recruiting effort and a more successful recruiting effort.*Refer to page 5 of the lesson plan and cover the details of eachItem after the advance on the mouse click. *Refer to page 5 & 6 of the lesson plan.To prepare your recruiters, you might suggest they become familiar with some basic recruiting techniques.Cover each topic after advance on mouse click.

    *Refer to page 7 of the lesson plan. Review Instructor Note on page 7 for audience participation.BE MINDFUL OF THE TIME TO INSURE COVERAGE OF ALL THE MATERIAL IN THE WORKSHOP.*Refer to page 7*Refer to page 7

    *Refer to page 7

    *Refer to page 8

    *Refer to page 8

    *Refer to page 8

    *Refer to page 8

    *Refer to page 9

    *Refer to page 9

    *Refer to page 9

    *Refer to page 9.EMPHASIZE It takes several seasons to develop an effective referee, recruiting must be ongoing and continuous. However, there are certain times when recruiting efforts should be intensified.Detail each after advance on mouse click.*Refer to page 10 11Detail each after advance on mouse click.Solicit attendees for other prospects.*Refer to page 11 12.Detail each after advance on mouse click.Solicit attendees for other prospects.

    *Refer to page 12 13 for how to implement the DSCIn recruiting. EMPHASIZE a dual or two man referee system will not help in recruitingand is not a recognized officiating method by AYSO or FIFA.*Now lets look at Retaining Referees.Refer to page 13*Refer to page 13Record answers on flip chart or whiteboard.*Refer to page 13

    *Refer to page 13

    *Refer to page 13

    *Refer to page 13 - 14


    ASK What are some effective methods to deal with misunderstandings?REFERENCE Publications*Refer to page 15Detail each after advance on mouse click.

    *Refer to page 15 16

    *Refer to page 16 -17Detail each.

    *Refer to page 17Detail each.

    *Refer to page 18

    *Refer to page 18Detail each.

    *Refer to page 19

    *Refer to page 19