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Transcript of Memb Retaining Recruiting

  • 1.Keys to Recruiting and Retaining Members Adapted from a presentationby Robert W. Nelson, RIMC 2002-2004

2. What excuses do we hear about Membership?

  • Recruiting has been difficult
  • Younger people dont seem to have the time available for Rotary
  • Changing economy
  • Membership attrition

3. Recruitment and Retention

  • In business we spend a significant effort in recruiting and inducting new staff members
  • We also invest a lot of time and effort in recruiting new customers.

4. Lets meet our membership goals with proven formulas... 5.

  • =E+3R
  • E xtend
  • R ecruit
  • R etain
  • R evitalize

m e m b e r s h i p 6. Extend: Form New Clubs

  • Opportunity for more people to participate in Rotary by offering more options in your community:
    • Time of day
    • Day of Week
    • Location
    • Club Size
    • Open Classifications

7. Recruit New Members

  • Set a challenging goal for your club:
    • How do you feel when you see a low or no growth goal?
    • Do you feel energized and really challenged?
    • How about a goal of 3%? 6%? 9%? 12% 15% more??

8. Recruit New Members

  • Recognize the urgency of Rotary Membership
  • Utilize pre-induction orientation gatherings to brief entire family before induction

9. Retain Your Current Members

  • Members are the life blood of a Rotary Club
  • Your clubs most valued asset isits members
  • Nurture and grow your membership!

10. Orient the new member properly

  • Member and spouse if possible
  • Evening of Rotary orientation
    • Club History and Projects
    • Four Avenues of Service
    • Rotary International
    • The Rotary Foundation

11. Induct new members properly

  • Significant ceremony with spouse
  • Provide (options)
    • Four Way Test
    • Object of Rotary
    • Rotary Basic Library
    • Certificate of Membership
    • Pin, Badge, Banner
    • Publications

12. Educate the New Member

  • Most members who leave were never really Rotarians in thefirst place
  • Up to 80% of a typical club members know very littleabout Rotary

13. Educate the New Member

  • Rotary program once a month
  • Good Rotary speakers
  • Slides and videos about Rotary
  • Ambassadorial Scholars, youth exchanges, RYLA participants, GSE, Rotaract, Interact

14. Involve the Rotarian in:

  • Club Committees
  • Fund Raisers
  • Board Meetings
  • Club Meetings
  • Club Social Activities

15. Assign the new club member

  • As a delegate to the district conference and have them report to the club

16. Ask the new member

  • To find two or three other new members from among his/her peer group

17. What can be done for small clubs?

  • Continue with current recruiting/retention approach?
  • Merge with another club?
  • Give up charter and disband?
  • Answer:Revitalize!

18. Revitalize a small club

  • Evaluate current logistics
  • Draw up a demographic profile
  • Compile a classification survey listing business and professional activities in your community
  • Are you making full use of all types of membership?

19. Revitalize a small club

  • Invigorate programs and activities
    • focus on service projects that make a vital contribution to the community
    • establish good working relationships with the local media
  • What are your clubs best assets?
  • Use methods similar to new club extension where existing nucleusis weak


  • =E+3R
  • E xtend
  • R ecruit
  • R etain
  • R evitalize

m e m b e r s h i p 21. Why Join Rotary?

  • The Opportunity to Serve
  • Professional Networking
  • Personal Growth and Development
  • Friendship
  • Cultural Diversity

22. Why Join Rotary?

  • Good Citizenship
  • World Understanding
  • Entertainment .
  • Family Foundations
  • Ethical Environment

23. When Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, he tried over2000experiments before he got it to work... 24. I never failed once. It just happened to be a 2000-step process.- Thomas Edison 25. An example of leadership Edison NJ USA Rotary Club

  • July 1997:
  • 18 members
  • November 1998:
  • 58 members
  • Sponsored a Rotaract Club
  • Sponsored Seven Interact Clubs

26. Light up your club with new members! 27. Additional resources are available at