Recruiting And Retaining Top Talent

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Steve Brubaker presents a case study on how InfoCision has implemented creative programs to become an Employer of Choice, resulting in improved retention of top talent.

Transcript of Recruiting And Retaining Top Talent

  • 1. Creative Ways to Improve Recruiting and Retention Steve Brubaker
  • 2.
  • 3. It starts with being recognized as an employer of choice raising awareness
    • Getting your name out there in the community
      • Media relations
      • Community relations
    • Applying for and winning awards recognizing great employers
      • Use best practices in human resources
      • You cant win an award you dont apply for
    • Dont be afraid to tell your great company story!
    • Differentiate yourself from other employers
      • The people you target may have worked in your industry before what makes you different, better?
  • 4. Human resources policies and procedures
    • Best practices for your industry
    • Best practices for your region
    • Dont be afraid to turn people away if theyre not the right fit for your company
    • Be specific in recruiting messages so prospective employees know what youre looking for
    • Target messages to ensure the proper audience is reached.
  • 5. Creating an environment where employees can excel
    • Provide specialized training for employees to give them the tools to exceed at their job.
      • Training for their specific job
      • Training for your company in general to discuss your company values and mission
    • Provide ongoing training and development
      • Training to excel in their current role and adapt to changing technologies, best practices, etc
      • Training to help them be ready for a bigger role
        • Also helps you single out employees that are actively looking to get ahead
      • Partner with local colleges and universities if doing the training in-house is not an option
  • 6.
    • Offer on-site amenities that make employees lives easier
      • On-site fitness, exercise programs
      • On-site wellness, smoking cessation
      • On-site education
      • On-site childcare
      • On-site food services with healthy meals and snacks
      • On-site convenience programs dry cleaning, banking, etc
        • What do employees rush out on their lunch breaks to do?
        • Can we offer that service on-site?
    Creating an environment where employees can excel
  • 7. Engaging employees - helping them achieve self-actualizing goals
    • To find out what employees want and need out of the company just ask them
      • Surveys
      • Open forums with senior management
      • Suggestion boxes
      • Performance and peer reviews
      • MBWA
  • 8. Engaging employees - helping them achieve self-actualizing goals
    • Contests and goal setting to help motivate employees to achieve desired results and make work fun
    • Giving back to the community giving people opportunities to make a difference in the community
    • Promoting these efforts so employees feel like their efforts are appreciated, and to further position yourself as an employer of choice in the community.
      • Takes us back to raising awareness
  • 9.