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Recruiting and HiringRecruiting and HIring 1

Tools and ResourcesFinding your most Valuable Business Asset!

1Business Service Team

Your Adjunct HR TeamRecruiting and HIring 2Business Service Teams are workforce professionals trained to assist you with your business needs. Recruitment Services offered by Business Service teams include:Workplace Assessment Labor Market Information & Economic SnapshotsJob Posting and RecruitmentCandidate Matching & ReferralsPre-employment screeningGet the Help you NeedRecruiting and HIring 3Find an Illinois workNet Center in your area to make an appointment and speak for FREE to the Business Services Team. Employee Work readiness AssessmentsJob Fairs and Recruitment EventsHiring Benefits and Tax IncentivesState and Federal Resources on Hiring Unique ApplicantsTraining OpportunitiesHiring the Right PersonRecruiting and HIring 4Hire the Right PersonRecruiting and HIring 5Evolve your workforce hire a person with a disabilityHire the Right PersonBroaden your knowledge of how and where to find Veterans - Illinois workNet provides access to a wealth of resources for hiring veteran all in one place. We have resources to help you understand: Military Culture, Priority of Service, Establishing a Veteran-friendly Workplace, and Recruiting and Retaining Veteran Employees.

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Hire the Right PersonRecruiting and HIring 7Hiring formerly incarcerated people is easier and safer than you think. Employers can get a full-time employee at a substantially reduced cost by taking advantage of tax credits for hiring people with past convictions. Here are a few of the benefits:

Hire the Right PersonProvide an opportunity for youth to learn important life skills and acquire hands-on experience. Take an active role in the work experience. Part-time and summer jobs are great opportunities.Youth 18 years or older may perform any job, whether hazardous or not, for unlimited hours.Youth 16 or 17 years old may perform any non-hazardous job for unlimited hours.Youth 14 and 15 years oldmay work outside school hours in various non-manufacturing, non-mining, non-hazardous jobs.

Recruiting and HIring 8Hire the Right PersonInterns and Apprenticeshipsa method of on-the-job training forwhite-collarand professional careers.May be paid or unpaid, usually temporary in nature.ApprenticeshipsA method of on-the-job training for trade and vocational jobs.Paid at a learning rate, transitioning into a journeyman position.VolunteersHire someone as a volunteer to help them maintain job skills or learn new onesPromote volunteer activities in your business says the value of a volunteer is $22.14 per hour (2012) Recruiting and HIring 9


Use these techniques to help you make the best hire.Recruiting and HIring 10InterviewingThe Business Services Team can help you pre-screen individuals for your business. If you want to do it on your own, follow these tips:Place the job postingReview applicationsInterviewPre-screen candidates by phone or web interviews.Create an interview structure, i.e. standard questions for each position you are hiringDetermine the kind of interview one-on-one, group, panel, etc.Establish how you will grade results.Recruiting and HIring 11

InterviewingAvoid asking illegal interview questions. They include:AgeRaceNational OriginGenderReligionMarital StatusSexual OrientationRecruiting and HIring 12Have you ever been arrested?Are you married?What religious holidays do you practice?Do you have children?What country are you from?Is English your first language?Do you have any outstanding debt?Do you socially drink?When was the last time you used illegal drugs?How long have you been working? OR When did you graduate from high school?What type of discharge did you receive in the military?What is your social media passwords?

Dont Ask these:Hiring

Make the Right Hire! Retain your Valuable Employee!Recruiting and HIring 13Hiring CreditsRecruiting and HIring 14Employee TrainingRecruiting and HIring 15 Follow us!Facebook

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