Re- thinking Blended Learning Joy Higgs EFPI the combination of face-to-face teaching and learning...

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Transcript of Re- thinking Blended Learning Joy Higgs EFPI the combination of face-to-face teaching and learning...

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Re-thinking Blended LearningJoy HiggsEFPI

the combination of face-to-face teaching and learning with online teaching and learningEARLYBlended Learning

SimplisticBlended Learningstructured opportunities to learn, which use more than one training method, inside or outside the classroom formats. (Pankin, J., et al 2012)

Blended Learning or just educational tools ?Technology enhanced learning not technology driven

Re-claimingBlended LearningDesignPurposea design approach whereby both face-to-face and online learning are made better by the presence of each other (Garrison & Vaughan, 2008, p.5).

Pedagogies are teaching and learning strategies they include purposes/goals as well as activities/actions (Higgs, 2015)RememberingPEDAGOGYin Blended Learning

Re-thinkingBlended LearningIntroducing Transcending Pedagogies: learning and teaching strategies that blend the best of purpose and process to extend learning outcomes by transcending possibilities

Transcending Pedagogies


On/off campus coursesF2F/Virtual worldsTime + placeStudent cohortsLearning, social and work spaces

Transcending Pedagogies: ExamplesSimulated learningSimulated learningMobile learningSimulated workplacesStudent-managed project learningSelf-directed learningPeer learningTechnology-enhanced- workplace learning- on campus learning- Peer learningRole plays in physical and virtual worlds

Transcending Pedagogies A way of re-thinking Blended LearningLearning strategies that are life-long and life-wideLearning for global citizenship and for practiceLearning for life and work

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