Blended Learning Coles Wilkinson What is Blended Learning?

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Blended LearningColes WilkinsonWhat is Blended Learning?

What is Blended Learning?Definition: Learning that takes place in the online and physical school environments where students have some control over time, place, path, and pace of their learning. It entails bridging online learning back into a traditional school setting.

- Michael B Horn of the Clayton Christensen InstituteUtilizing the Blended Classroom

Teaching and Learning happens in several areas

itslearning is the bridge between these areas

We help teachers realize the huge potential in the intersections10Why deploy Blended Learning?Most blended learning models have been deployed as a way for schools to cut costs, offer a wider selection of courses to students, and to better engage their students with rich Web 2.0 content. As such, they focus on the set-up and technology required.Our vision:Help improve education

12How?Focus on teaching and learning processes13Who?Focus on teachers and pedagogyLrere og de pedagogiske prosessene er og vil vre sentralt for itslearning. Men ved gjre dette vil vi ogs legge til rette for bde elever og foresatte.14

itslearning covers the whole learning process (global learning platform, 360). itslearning gives teachers and students tools to all the processes of education.

The circle: We show this as a circle with the teachers activities around the outside, and learning in the centre.

Supporting how you work: itslearning is flexible. There are a variety of tools in the platform, and you can use them as you need to support your style of teaching and your students needs. In other words, we provide the tools for the circle of learning, but you decide which tools you use and how you use them.

Based on best practices

Best practice + flexibility- But there is no standard formula for best proven practice and teacher behaviour cannot be standardised. (Therefore, be careful when you quote the research in this PPT as not all members of your audience will agree and all schools/teachers/LEAs, etc. take a slightly different approach to learning and teaching.) Our job is to provide a product that supports best practices and enables teachers, schools and students to work how they wish.15Questions?