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Changes to Rough Cuts

Changes to Rough Cuts

This is my first rough cut.

I have since changed my front cover because the text isn't clear enough, especially at the bottom of the magazine and it doesnt look as professional as there is a large gap in the magazine where an other sell line could go.

This is my final front cover page.I have now made the writing much clearer by putting the bottom sell line in a box and making it into a banner across the bottom so that it stands out. I have also put a large sell line to make it look more professional and it links with the image so that my audience know who the artist is. One other final thing I did to my magazine was to pit the model in front of the mast head because again it makes the magazine more professional.

This is a rough cut of my contents page.

Some of the font was not clear enough and some was to small to read such as the band index on the left hand side. Once more there small things that needed to be adjusted in order for the magazine to look more professional to attract my audience. For example the band index didn't fill the whole area on the left.

I have know made the font more clearer and larger in the band index so it is more readable. One other thing I have done to the band index is making it longer so that it fills more of the page. I have also separated the different sections on the contents and put lines at the top and the bottom to make it look more professional and simple.

This is a rough cut of my double page spread

The article does have personal aspect to it. However it doesnt look very interesting because the colours are limited and too plain on the article and my primary research wanted it to be bright and attractive. One other thing that doesnt look professional is the border around the images its too dark and the bottom image is longer width way than the top two images.

I have taken what my primary research said they wanted to see and out it into my double page spread. I have made the article more colorful by making the font red where questions are being asked, I have also took the border of as it was too dark and made the images the same width as each other to make it look more professional.