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  • 1. Roundtable: Dont make cheating easy! Organized By: Jason Busbin

2. Here to Help You! EFC-FCETL Community Page 972-860-8362 | or | Expertise: Basic Computing, Online/Hybrid Learning, & User Support and Training 3. Lets Hear From You Feedback Share What Youre Doing Currently Any Successes or Failures? Discussion: What do you think your students are currently doing as far as cheating? 4. No One Cheats, Right? 5. Check These Out 6. Were Only Talking About Assessments, Right? Exams can be the easiest place to do so, BUT Papers/EssaysDiscussion Posts Labs/Assignments (MyMathLab, Aplia, etc) So what should you do about it? 7. Focus on Mastery, Not Performance THEN Dont Make It Easy Make the content inviting, collaborative, and give some freedoms to learn rather than regurgitate Give multiple attempts and average their attempts Use stories, examples, and specific items from class when creating questions Develop questions that require reading and interpretation, not just facts>> Youre the instructors, share your ideas! 8. Those Common Mistakes I See Giving WAY too much time on a quiz (rule is = your attempt time x 3) Same questions for every student (randomize at least) Not using question sets (even better randomization) Content never changes over semesters (passing around past tests) Easily Googleable questions (change the wording slightly) Answer is in the question title (whoopsie!) Give answers away while test is still available via feedback (oh no!) 9. So What Do We Do? Review your course using a fake student Improve your course design Meet with me and/or your peers Form a cohort via the community?