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  • 1.Academic Dishonesty: Digital Cheating in the 21st Century

2. Where Can I Find All This?
San Antonio ISD Instructional Technology Parents Website:
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3. Session Facilitator
Diana Benner
Instructional Technology Facilitator
San Antonio ISD
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4. CBS Early Show: Hi-Tech Cheating Poll
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5. Overview
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Personal technologies have been realgame-changers for schoolwork.
Information hasnever been easier to access and computers provide powerful tools for presentation, collaboration, and creativity.
Many believe that the mobile phones have potential to be learning tools but an unintended consequence of them is that they've made cheating easier.
Although cheating has been going on for years, cell phones and the Internet offer new opportunities for unethicalbehavior.
6. What is Digital Cheating?
Some text friends about answers during quizzes or tests, while others take pictures of test questions -- which can be forwarded to students who havent yet taken the test.
Somestudents use mobile phones
to store notes.
Students with smart phones can
even search the Internet for answers.
Some studentsdont even realize theyre taking shortcuts when they copy and paste material they find online and present it as their own work.
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7. Ramifications of Cheating
What would happen if our doctors, lawyers, accountants, engineers, and other professionals cheated their way though school?
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8. Why It Matters
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  • The decisions students make today will shape the digital culture of tomorrow.

9. We want our students to grow up knowing right from wrong -- no matter where they are. 10. We need to be sure that they know personal responsibility is as real in cyberspace as it is in the classroom. 11. Digital life -- particularly the Internet and mobile phones -- operates in new ways. Anything they post or create can be seen by a vast invisible audience.