The Cheating Girls

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Inés and María are upset about their marks and decide to cheat.

Transcript of The Cheating Girls

  • Today, Silvia is going to give the final marks of the English exam. While Silvia is helping one student, Ins and Mara go to her desk and see their marks. They are very bad, but Sofias and Paulas are perfect.

  • Ins and Mara decide to change their names for Paulas and Sofias, but is this a good action or are they cheating?

  • When Silvia gives out the exams, Paula and Sofia are very surprised about their marks. They thought that they would take a better mark.

  • Ins and Mara showed their exams to Sofa and Paul, who were very disappointed. The two cheating girls felt a little bit bad, maybe they should tell the truth...

  • At the end, Ins and Mara recognised their mistake and change the exams again with Sofa and Paula while Silvia smiles proud of her students.