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Cheating - a very bad thing to do!

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Cheating a very BAD thing to do!Center for English as a Second Language

1What is Cheating?2Cheating is when YOU do not do YOUR own work.

Lets watch Mr. Bean, a very bad student

Why Do Students Cheat?3The work is too hard.

They do not understand the assignment.

They did not study.

They only care about a good grade,not learning.

They are lazy.

Examples of Cheating4Copying someone s homework (brother /sister, cousin, friend, roommate, classmate)

Copying from a book or the internet (PLAGIARISM)

Using an essay from a previous student

Letting someone else do your work for you

Buying an essay on the internet

More Examples of Cheating!5Looking at another students answers during a test

Giving the same presentation or writing the same paper in two different classes

Asking a classmate or teacher for HELPOr TALKING during a test

Even More Examples of Cheating!!!6Using answers that are written on your hand or on a piece of paper

What Happens if You Cheat?7ZERO (0) for the assignment or test

Failing the class (Grade = E)

Getting a REPORT in your record

Your SPONSOR may be notified.

Being referred to the director, Dr. Suzanne Panferov

Not being accepted to university

Kicked out of school

Any Questions?8