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A new way to cheat in Cards

Transcript of Neo Cheating

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    Rising Menace

    by Frank R. WallaceMark Hamilton

    andWilliam S.

    Neo-Tech Publishing Company


    Information Package

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    Neocheating: The Rising Menace

    Neo-Tech Home PageThe Ultimate Leverage for Riches

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    NEO-TECH IThe Pre-Discovery

    An Important Notice

    Do not be concerned or upset by the focus on cards and cheating in this first volume--Neo-Tech I. Both cards and cheating are used as metaphors to understand the nature of Neocheaters and Neo-Tech in the second, larger volume--Neo-Tech II.

    You are not expected to be knowledgeable or even interested in cards, much less cheating, to make full use of the Neo-Tech Discovery. In fact, interest in cards and cheating is a time-wasting (although quickly profitable) diversion that prevents full prosperity from Neo-Tech.

    If you, as most owners of Neo-Tech, are not interested in cards or cheating, then read only Chapters XII and XIII on pages 164-167, Appendix A ("Cheating as a Metaphor") on page 168, and Table 5 ("Neocheating Beyond Cards") on page 178.


    The Neo-Tech Discovery allows ordinary people to live much more prosperous lives. Anyone can immediately benefit from Neo-Tech. Moreover, the Neo-Tech Discovery debunks "positive thinking," mystical, and other such approaches that lead to nothing.

    The uses of the Neo-Tech Discovery range from making anyone unbeatable at cards (even wealthy, if he chooses, as shown in Neo-Tech I), to much more important uses such as gaining power and advantages where it really counts. . . in business, financial transactions, social relationships (as shown in Neo-Tech II), to breaking free of external authorities to gain the greatest possible rewards (as shown in Neo-Tech III, IV and V).

    Equally important, Neo-Tech not only protects one from those who cheat others out of the happy, prosperous life they earn, but Neo-Tech transfers the power from external authorities (government, religion, neocheaters, mystics) to one's own self--where the power belongs.

    Bound Manuscript Copy

    Copyright 1980,1981,1982,1983 by Frank R. Wallace

    All rights reserved. No part of this manuscript may be reproduced or utilized in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by an information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the publisher.



    Neocheating--The Unbeatable Weaponand the

    Neo-Tech DiscoveryBeyond Cards

    byFrank R. WallaceMark Hamilton

    William S.

    Neocheating exists as (1) specific techniques and (2) general concepts. The specific techniques are based on the safe and invisible Neocheating maneuvers first uncovered by Frank R. Wallace. Those techniques that apply to card games are identified and taught in Part One of this book. The Neocheating techniques are selected for their effectiveness, safety, and subtlety. They have obsoleted all other techniques, such as those described by S.W. Ernase, Scarne, and others. But far more important have been the discovery, development, and understanding of the Neocheating concepts. Those concepts unfold in the latter chapters. And with those totally new concepts, the reader can both profitably apply and effectively counter invisible Neocheating not only in card games but in all areas of life including business, politics, and social relationships.


    This book reveals something new -- something dangerous. This book reveals the lethal techniques of Neocheating.

    With Neocheating, the average cardplayer can bankrupt all his opponents. He can safely drain money from any card game, from the easiest Friday-night game to the toughest professional game. And no one will ever see him cheat.

    Neocheating is not like classical or traditional cardsharping that requires years of practice or a dangerous reliance on aids such as marked cards and hold-out devices. Neocheating requires no special skills or devices; it requires only the knowledge in this book and a few hours of practice. With less than a day's practice, a player can wipe out his opponents with invisible Neocheating. And with less than a week's practice, he can quit his job to become a full-time professional Neocheater.

    Honest players should realize that many cardplayers would cheat if not for (1) their fear of being caught, or for (2) the time and effort required to learn how to cheat effectively. But Neocheating eliminates both deterrents. And as this easy, invisible Neocheating spreads, it will increasingly menace players of poker, blackjack, badge, gin, and all other card games played for money or prestige. ... That is the bad news.


    But this book reveals something more -- something extraordinary. This book reveals simple defenses and easy counterattacks that nullify or beat all forms of cheating, including Neocheating. The counterattacks are unique, ingenious, and honest. They can be executed in peace and without the knowledge of others.

    While cheaters will find a temporary gold mine in this book, honest players with this new knowledge can identify and easily eliminate (without any hassle) all cheaters. Furthermore, this book shows how any player can now, for the first time, casually beat all cheaters from crude amateurs to highly skilled cardsharps -- even invisible Neocheaters. And those cheaters will never know what hit them.

    As this knowledge spreads, it will increasingly nullify and eventually eliminate cheating not only in poker but in all card games played for money or prestige.... That is the good news.

    PREFACEThe Neocheating Revolution

    Imagine if simple techniques were available that would enable anyone -- after only a few hours of practice -- to invisibly relieve cardplayers of all their money. Now imagine if those techniques were available to everyone. What would happen to poker? And what about other card games played for money such as blackjack, bridge, and gin? Would poker and other card games break up and vanish as this effortless and invisible cheating spreads?

    Effortless and invisible cheating? Is that only a dream of those seeking easy money and prestige? Well, that dream has come true. The dream is called Neocheating. And this book identifies, illustrates, and teaches Neocheating -- clearly and completely.

    Neocheating will eventually become known around the world. Cardplayers from the Las Vegas professional to the neighborhood amateur will increasingly use Neocheating. It is contagious and will spread like an epidemic. Yet by simply reading this book, you will have armed yourself with the knowledge needed both to profit from Neocheating and to turn back all threats of the Neocheating revolution.


    For the first time, good players need to worry about getting wiped out. A new breed of cheater is invading the card tables. He is the Neocheater. And the Neocheater does not lose.

    Neocheating is quietly spreading. What will happen when hoards of people using Neocheating invade card games throughout the world? Those people could drain all available money from all players and games. The resulting paranoia and chaos could eventually destroy most card games played for money.

    Neocheating is invisible. How can it be stopped? The Neocheater is impossible to catch in the act and hard to get rid of. Indeed, all honest players unaware of Neocheating are in financial danger. Only the readers of this book can prepare themselves for the Neocheating revolution.

    The 1986 Interview with Dr. Frank R. Wallace about

    Neo-Tech versus Neocheating

    A new field of knowledge was discovered by Dr. Frank R. Wallace. For two decades, Dr. Wallace developed a powerful array of integrated knowledge called Neo-Tech. In 1986, Dr. Wallace was interviewed about Neo-Tech. Below is a condensed, edited portion of that interview which explains his early discoveries:

    Q: What is Neo-Tech? How can I benefit from it?

    WALLACE: Neo-Tech is a new, integrated method for capturing major business and personal advantages everywhere. Neo-Tech has nothing to do with positive thinking, religion, or anything mystical. Once a person is exposed to Neo-Tech, he can quietly profit from any situation -- anywhere, anytime. He can prosper almost anywhere on earth and succeed under almost any economic or political condition. Neo-Tech applies to all money and power gathering techniques -- to all situations involving the transfer of money, business, power, or love

    Ironically, I first sensed Neo-Tech through poker -- the money game, the international strategy game. Strange how a discovery so important as Neo-Tech started with something so minor and restricted as poker. Indeed, poker is just one rather minute and insignificant area involving the transfer of money in which a person can profit through Neo-Tech.

    Subsequently, I pursued Neo-Tech beyond cards to uncover far greater advantages in competitive situations involving work, investments, speculating, business, politics, and personal relationships. Neo-Tech applies to all competitive situations: It is a new, quiet approach for collecting unbeatable advantages everywhere.

    Neo-Tech has its roots in the constant financial pressures and incentives to develop the easiest, most profitable methods of gaining advantages. Over the decades, successful salesmen, businessmen, politicians, writers, lawyers, entrepreneurs, investors, speculators, gamers, and Casanovas have secretly searched for shortcuts that require little skill yet contain the i