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1. HOW TO MAKE A GREAT PRESENTATION 2. WHY WE GIVE PRESENTATION? 3. TO SHARE THEIR PASSION 4. TO SPREAD THEIR IDEAS 5. TO BECOME MORE SUCCESSFUL 6. IT MIGHT BE YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE 7. THERE ARE 400 MILLION POWERPOINT USERS 8. THERE ARE 40 MILLION PRESENTATION EVERYDAY 9. OR 28,000 PRESENTATIONS EVERY MINUTE 10. MOST OF THEM ARE UNBEARABLE 11. RIGHT NOW, SOMEONE IS DYING FROM A BAD PRESENATION. 12. WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN? 13. BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH B BLAH BLAH WE PUT TOO MUCH INFORMATION 14. WE FOCUS ON OURSELVES 15. WE USED THE WRONG SLIDES 16. WE ARE AFRAID OF BEING DIFFERENT 17. YOUR PRESENTATION SHOULD MOVE & INSPIRE PEOPLE 18. IT IS TIME TO SAY NO TO BAD PRESENTATION 19. PRESENTATION SKILL vs. MAKE POWERPOINT 20. 1 PART ONE WHAT WE KNEW WAS NOT GREAT PART TWO THE SECRET TO BECOME GREAT 2 PART THREE THE 3 STEPS OF BEING GREAT 3 21. WHAT WE KNEW 1 22. WHAT WE KNEW 1 23. NEW THINGS ARE SCARY, AND RISKY WHAT WE KNEW 1 24. WHAT WE KNEW 1 CREATIVITY IS ONLY FOR KIDS 25. WHAT WE KNEW 1MOSTLY, WE MUST DO AS OTHERS DO. 26. WHAT WE KNEW 1WE ALL GET NERVOUS, HOW DO YOU DEAL WITH IT? 27. MYTH 1: PICTURE YOUR AUDIENCE NAKED WHAT WE KNEW 1 28. WHAT WE KNEW 1 MYTH 2: PRACTICE IN FRONT OF MIRROR 29. WHAT WE KNEW 1 MYTH 3: START WITH A JOKE 30. WHAT WE KNEW 1 MYTH 4: LOOK AT THE FOREHEAD INSTEAD OF THE EYES 31. WHAT WE KNEW 1 MYTH 5: TELL AUDIENCE YOURE NERVOUS, DRUNK, ETC 32. WHAT WE KNEW 1 BE CONFIDENT AND OWN IT 33. Set clear communications objectives prior to speaking Build the presentation around THEIR agenda Invert your arguments so that conclusions come first. At the beginning of the presentation, establish group rapport Use memorable language WHAT WE KNEW 1 34. #1: Dump information on the customer. Don't blab everything you know about the product and hope that something will stick. Fix: Turn the presentation into a compelling story. #2: Try to impress with fancy features. Nobody is going to buy because you spent hours using all the PowerPoint gimcracks. Fix: Make the presentation about your message, not about you. #3: Use a busy background template. A snazzy format with bright colors and shapes overpowers the content on the slides. Fix: Use a simple background that remains in the background. #4: Select fonts that people can't read. Splatter your presentation withboldface, italics and UPPERCASE, in tiny typefaces. Fix: Use Arial or Times New Roman at 24pts or larger. #5: Provide busy, meaningless graphics. One picture may equal a thousand words, but only if that picture makes sense. Fix: Highlight the data point inside the graphic that's crucial. #6: State opinion without supporting data. Unsubstantiated "facts" (like "we're the leading vendor") destroy credibility. Fix: Provide objective backup to every qualitative statement. #7: Use meaningless business jargon. Jargon can be distracting, annoying and often communicates little or nothing. Fix: If you're going to use jargon, make sure it's the customer's jargon, not yours. #8: Tell an irrelevant joke. It's fine to pace a presentation with a joke, but you're not Jerry Seinfeld. Fix: If you must tell a joke, make it short and make sure it reinforces your message. WHAT WE KNEW 1 35. YOURSELF Have you prepared by thoroughly researching the customer? Are you enthusiastic about the message you're conveying? Are you confident that the presentation will win business? Have you prepared yourself to answer likely questions? Have you rehearsed the presentation until you're comfortable? YOUR SLIDES Have you selected a slide background that's unobtrusive? Does your cover slide correctly identify the customer and the event? Do your slides use color fonts and boldface only to highlight what's important? Are your graphics understandable rather than confusing? Does each slides contain less text than your audience can read 30 seconds? Did you use a simple font that's easy to read? Can every detail of every slide be read from the back of the room? Have you eliminated ALL UPPERCASE, underlining and italics? YOUR WORDS Does your opening statement capture attention? Does your presentation persuade rather than lecture? Are ALL your statements supported by evidence? Have you removed the biz-blab and jargon? Will the presentation use the time effectively? Are your anecdotes or analogies vivid and memorable? Is there a clear close or call to action? WHAT WE KNEW 1 36. WHAT WE KNEW 1 THERE ARE SO MANY TRAININGS WORKSHOPS, DOS AND DONTS 37. WHAT WE KNEW 1 HOW CAN WE REMEMBER THEM ALL 38. THE SECRET 2 39. THE SECRET IS NOT SO SECRET AT ALL THE SECRET 2 40. THREE Is THE SECRET 2 41. THREE Is INFORMED IMPRESSEDINSPIRED THIS IS WHERE THE MAGIC HAPPENS THE SECRET 2 42. INFORMED INSPIRED IMPRESSED THE SALESMAN THE MARKETER THE ARTIST THE SECRET 2 43. THE 3 STEPS 3 44. THE 3 STEPS 3 1ST STEP: THINK LIKE AN ARTIST 45. THE 3 STEPS 3 MEANS TO INSPIRE 46. THE 3 STEPS 3 MEANS TO DESIGN A GOOD STORY 47. THE 3 STEPS 3 TAKE THEM ON A JOURNEY 48. THE 3 STEPS 3 1. QUICKLY INTRODUCE THE TOPIC 49. THE 3 STEPS 3 THE PROBLEM 50. THE 3 STEPS 3 2. EXPLAIN THE GOAL 51. THE 3 STEPS 3 THE SOLUTION 52. THE 3 STEPS 3 3. AHA & WOW MOMENTS 53. THE 3 STEPS 3 THE ACTUAL JOURNEY 54. TITLE/ INTRO PROBLEM BACK- GROUND RESULT/ FORECAST SUMMARY/ FUTURE WORK STATEMENT (WHY WE NEED TO CARE) RELATED WORK (OTHERS HAD DONE) METHODS (YOUR APPROACH OF SOLUTION) THE 3 STEPS 3 55. THE 3 STEPS 3 2ND STEP: MARKETER SHOWS THE MONEY!!! 56. You have part of my attention you have the minimum amount. -Mark Zuckerberg THE 3 STEPS 3 57. THE 3 STEPS 3 YOU ARE ASKING FOR TIME & ATTENTION -RAREST COMMODITIES IN 21ST CENTURY. 58. THE 3 STEPS 3 THEIR ATTENTION WILL SHIFT SO FAST 59. AUDIENCE WANTS TO SEE THE VALUES, NOT THE PRODUCTS THE 3 STEPS 3 60. HELP THEM TO SAVE TIME THE 3 STEPS 3 61. TO FIND PEACE THE 3 STEPS 3 62. TO MAKE MORE MONEY THE 3 STEPS 3 63. 3RD STEP: THE SALESMAN PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE THE 3 STEPS 3 64. THE 3 STEPS 3 Steve Jobs rehearses for many hours over many days. A BusinessWeek reporter who profiled Jobs wrote, His sense of informality comes after grueling hours of practice. 65. THE 3 STEPS 3 YOUR SOFT SKILLS AND FIELD EXPERIENCES 66. THE 3 STEPS 3 HOW CAN WE BE BETTER? 67. THE 3 STEPS 3 BE A CUSTOMER 68. THE 3 STEPS 3 LOOK AT INTERESTING ADS 69. THE 3 STEPS 3 WATCH TED TALK 70. THE 3 STEPS 3 TRY OUT NEW IDEAS TO PRESENT 71. YOU WILL STAND OUT! THE 3 STEPS 3 72. 1 PART ONE WHAT WE KNEW WAS NOT GREAT PART TWO THE SECRET TO BECOME GREAT 2 PART THREE THE 3 STEPS OF BEING GREAT 3 73. PRESENTATION SKILL vs. MAKE POWERPOINT 74. HOW TO CREATE SLIDES THAT ROCK! 75. DOES THIS EVER HAPPEN TO YOU? 76. YOUR FONT SIZE MATTERS 77. DOES THIS EVER HAPPEN TO YOU? 78. PICK YOUR COLOR SCHEME 79. STICK TO OUR COLOR SCHEME 80. DOES THIS EVER HAPPEN TO YOU? 81. STOP USING NOTECARDS 82. USE IMAGES AS YOUR CHEAT SHEET HERE IS WHERE I START HERE IS WHERE I TELL YOU ABOUT THE ARTIST HERE IS WHERE I WILL USE LORD OF RINGSREFERENCE 83. USE STUNNING IMAGES 84. DONT USE THE CHEEZY ONES 85. INSTEAD, SHOW SOMETHING INTERESTING 86. DOES THIS EVER HAPPEN TO YOU? 87. KEEP IT SIMPLE (LESS IS MORE)