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  • 1. Unit: CultureTopic: Local StoryMattayomsuksa 1

2. a person who is employed inanother persons house, doing jobs such as cooking andcleaning, especially in the pastservant 3. something which seems verygood when it is first received, but which in fact does greatharm to the person who receives it poisonedapple 4. someone who huntsanimals with a gun or other weaponshuntsman 5. old-fashioned morally wrong and badwicked 6. Use of Passive Passive voice is used when thefocus is on the action. It is notimportant or not known; however, whoor what is performing the action. 7. Form of PassiveSubject + finite form of to be + PastParticiple (3rd column of irregularverbs)Example: A letter was written. Finite form PastSof to beparticiple 8. Activity 1Ordering 9. How to do the activitySTEP 1 Read the story of Snow White Ordering the sequence as the storySTEP 2 was happened 10. 1 - Snow white was born to a queen and king.- The Queen gave Snow White the poisoned apple to5eat.7 - The Prince learned over and kissed Snow white.- Snow White ate an apple and she sank into6 unconsciousness.4 - Snow White entered the little house and she fellasleep.2 -The Huntsman has to kill Snow White.9 - The Prince took Snow White to his palace.- She fled into the woods where seven little dwarfs3 lived.8 - Everyone was happy 11. Activity 2Web Diagram 12. Draw a spider map towrite the characteristicin each person. 13. Snow White The Prince CharacteristicsThe Dwarft The new Queen