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The most famous Serbian figures

Hello everybody! In this presentation we are going to show you some of the most famous Serbian people, who contributed the Serbian development.


SERBIAN RULERSThe most famous Serbian rulers are:-Stefan Nemanja XII -Stefan Prvovencani XII-XIII -Dusan Nemanjic XIII-XIV - Lazar Hrebeljanovic XIV -Karadjordje Petrovic XVIII-XIX -Milos Obrenovic XVIII-XIX



Stefan Nemanja

Stefan Nemanja(1113-1200)He was the first ruler of the Serbia,and he united all Serbian countriesunder one flag. Stefan was the father ofStefan Prvovencani and Rastko Nemanjic, also known as Saint Sava. Stefan built the monastery Hilandar, together with his son Rastko.


Stefan Prvovencani

Stefan Prvovencani (1166-1227)He raised Serbia on the status of the kingdom and he was the first Serbian king. He also wrote the famous book: ,,The biography of Stefan Nemanja".


Dusan Nemanjic

Dusan Nemanjic(1308-1355)Dusan Nemanjic, also known as Dusan The Mighty, was the most powerful ruler of the medieval Serbia. He was the first Serbian emperor. He proclaimed himself as the Emperor of the Serbs and Greeks.


Lazar Hrebeljanovic

Lazar Hrebeljanovic(1329-1389)Lazar Hrebeljanovic, also known as Prince Lazar ruled after the death of the last descendant from family Nemanjic died.His most famous act was the Battle of Kosovo(1389), where he died.

Milos ObilicHe was the most famous hero of The Battle of Kosovo. He also managed to kill Turkish sultan Murat I.


Djordje PetrovicMilos Obrenovic

Djordje Petrovic(1762-1817)He was the leader of The First SerbianUprising. He fought for Serbian autonomy against the Turks.Milos Obrenovic(1780-1860)He was the leader of The Second Serbian Uprising. He also fought for Serbian autonomy and he managed to get it.


SERBIAN SCIENTISTSThe most famous Serbian scientists are: -Nikola Tesla XIX-XX -Milutin Milankovic XIX-XX-Mihajlo Pupin XIX-XX -Jovan Cvijic XIX-XX -Josif Pancic XIX


Nikola TeslaNikola Tesla (1856-1943)He was one of the most famous Serbian and foreign inventors and scientists in the fields of physics , electrical engineering and radio .Some of his most famous inventions are: electro-motor, alternating power, generator, radio, telecontrol and seven hundred other patents.


Milutin MilankovicMilutin Milankovic(1879-1958)Milutin was Serbian mathematician, astronomer , climatologist , a geophysicist , a civil engineer , doctor of technical sciences and popularizer of science.

He has created the most accurate calendar ever and he explained the dismissal of ice ages.


Mihajlo PupinMihajlo Pupin(1858-1935)

Mihajlo Pupin, during his scientific and of experimental work provided important findings relevant to the field of multiple telegraphy, wireless telegraphy and telephony, then the X-ray room, and has a great merit for the development of electrical engineering.


Jovan CvijicJovan Cvijic(1865-1927)Jovan Cviji was the Serbian scientist, founder of the Serbian Geographical Society, President of the Serbian Royal Academy professor and rector of the University of Belgrade. He is considered as the founder of the Serbian geography.


Josif PancicJosif Pancic(1814-1888)Josif Pancic was a Serbian doctor , botanist and first president of the Serbian Royal Academy. Josif also discovered the new specie of softwoods. That specie is today known as Pancic's spruce..


SERBIAN WRITERSThe most famous Serbian writers were:-Saint Sava XII-XIII -Domentijan XIII-XIV -Jelena Mrnjavcevic XIV-XV-Dositej Obradovic XVIII-XIX -Vuk Stefanovic Karadzic XVIII-XIX -Petar II Petrovic Njegos XIX-Ivo Andric XIX-XX -Mesa Selimovic XX



Saint Sava Sveti Sava(1174-1236)Saint Sava was the Serbian prince, monk, abbot of the monastery Studenica, writer, diplomat and the first archbishop of the autocephalous Serbian Orthodox Church. Saint Sava also wrote ,,The biography of Stefan Nemanja', and ,,Law book of Saint Sava'. Saint Sava and his father Stefan Nemanja built the monastery Hilandar..


DomentijanDomentijan(1210-1264)Domentijan, known in science as Domentijan Hilandarac, a monk and one of the most significant Serbian writers in the Middle Ages. Domentijan's most famous book is ,,The biography of Saint Sava''.


Jelena MrnjavcevicJelena Mrnjavcevic(1349-1405)Jelena, also known as Jefimija, was the wife of Ugljesa Mrnjavcevic. Ugljesa was the famous despot who died in Battle of Maritsa. Jefimija's most famous book was ,,Praise to Prince Lazar'', in which she glorify the prince Lazar and his deeds at the Battle of Kosovo.


Vuk Stefanovic KaradzicVuk Stefanovic Karadzic(1787-1864)Vuk Stefanovic Karadzic was a Serbian philologist, reformer of the Serbian language, collector of folk literature and the author of the first dictionary of Serbian language. Vuk is the most significant figure in Serbian literature in the first half of the XIX century. Vuk also collected all Serbian's nation stories, customs and tales and insered all of them in a few books. His most famous books are,,Serbian dictionary'', and ,,Life and customs of Serbian nation''.


Dositej ObradovicDositej Obradovic(1739-1811)Dositej was an educator, writer, philosopher, and pedagogue.He founded the High school and Seminary. Dositej was the first education minister in Serbia. Some of his most famous books are: ,,Life and adventures'', and ,,Fables''.


Petar II Petrovic NjegosPetar II Petrovic Njegos(1813-1851)Petar II Petrovic Njegos was the spiritual and the secular ruler of Montenegro, and one of the greatest Serbian poets and philosophers. His most famous book is ,,Mountain wreath''.

Njegos's quote:,,Everyone is born to die at once, honor and shame live forever''.


Ivo AndricIvo Andric(1892-1975)Ivo Andric was Serbian and Yugoslav writer and diplomat of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. In 1961 he won the Nobel Prize for Literature:,,for the epic force with which he shaped the themes and depicted human destinies during the history of their country''. Ivo's most famous books are: The Bridge on Drina'', Ex ponto, Riots, Doomed yard, The bridge on Zepa and others.


Mesa SelimovicMesa Selimovic(1910-1982)Mesa Selimovic was a prominent Serbian and Yugoslav writer from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Mesa's most famous books are: ,,Fortress'' and ,,Island''.


SERBIAN ARTISTSThe most famous Serbian artists are:-Paja Jovanovic XVIII-XIX-Stevan Mokranjac XVIII-XIX


Paja JovanovicPaja Jovanovic(1859-1957)Paja Jovanovi was one of the greatest Serbian painters and a typical representative of academic realism. Paja's most famous paintings are: ,,Serbian migration'' and ,,Wounded Montenegrin''.


Stevan MokranjacStevan Mokranjac(1856-1914)Stevan Mokranjac was a Serbian composer and music educator, a classic of Serbian music, its most prominent figure at the turn of the century, responsible for the introduction of Serbian national spirit in art music. Stevan's most famous compositions are: ,,Garland'' and ,,Liturgy''.


This is the end of our presentation.We hope you like it!Authors:JakovStefan

Credits:Pictures: We downloaded pictures from the internet.Music: Sanja Ilic and Balkanika-SimonidaHere is the link: We collected every information we needed at WikipediaHere is the link: