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  • 7/27/2019 Premium Digest April2011


    1 PiPelines international digest | aPril 2011

    APRIL 2011

    Ckey PRojects

    3 Nordeuropische Erdgasleitung (NEL) Pipeline


    6 Qualifying pipe and coating manufacturers:providing solutions for pipe mills and coating yards

    to demonstrate and document their capabilities


    8 Construction of a tunnel and other challenges forthe Gasduc-3 pipeline in Brazil

    14 Development of an in-line ultrasonic inspection toolfor detection of pinhole-type defects in duplex-steelpipelines

    NeWs WRAP

    23 April 2011 News Wrap

    A summary of the latest pipeline news from aroundthe world

  • 7/27/2019 Premium Digest April2011


    2 PiPelines international digest | aPril 2011


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  • 7/27/2019 Premium Digest April2011


    3 PiPelines international digest | aPril 2011

    key ProjeCts

    The 440 km NEL Pipeline is part of a series of pipelines

    currently being constructed to transport gas from Russia

    to Europe to meet its increasing demand for energy.

    The Nord Stream Pipeline, which will run from Vyborg in

    Russia more than 1,220 km across the Baltic Sea to Greifswald

    in Germany, comprises two parallel pipelines which are

    being constructed in two phases. Over 1,000 km of Line 1 had

    been laid by the end of February 2011 and pipelaying works

    have already been completed at the landfalls for Line 2. Gas

    deliveries from Line 1 will begin before the end of 2011. Ina second project phase, capacity will be doubled with the

    construction of a parallel pipeline, which is scheduled to be

    commissioned in 2012.

    To carry away the 55 Bcm/per year of gas that Nord Stream

    will bring to Europe, two onshore pipelines are being

    constructed; the OPAL and NEL pipelines.

    Whereas the OPAL Pipeline runs from the Nord Stream

    landfall at Greifswald southward to the Czech Republic, the

    NELs route extends from Greifswald, past Schwerin and

    Hamburg, to Rehden, Lower Saxony, just south of Bremen.

    The NEL Pipeline will not only secure the supply of gas to

    Europe by providing additional transport capacities but, inconjunction with OPAL and Nord Stream, it will also make

    Europes natural gas system more flexible.


    rdgasleitung (L) PipelineConstruction has commenced on the 440 km Nordeuropische Erdgasleitung (NEL) Pipeline one of thelargest pipeline projects in Germany today which will ensure Europes energy security in the long term.

    Nacap workers establishing the pipeline stock pile and bending area.

  • 7/27/2019 Premium Digest April2011


    4 PiPelines international digest | aPril 2011

    key ProjeCts

    The pipeline will be able to transport about 20 Bcm/per year

    of gas and is intended to transport Nord Stream gas produced to

    customers in Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium and

    the UK.

    Constructing the pipelineNacap has been awarded a contract to construct a 62 km section

    of the pipeline in Lower Saxony.

    The company has commenced activity on this section of the

    pipeline. Current activity includes:

    Safety inductions;

    Mobilisation to site;

    Establishment of pipeline stockpile and bending area;

    Two bending devices in transit;

    Right-of-way preparation and topsoil stripping;

    Preparation of bending lists for bending; and, Landowner and authorities liaison.

    Nacap has said that this large diameter, high-pressure

    pipeline must be constructed with the minimum possible soil

    Cranes unload the bending machine.

    Bending machine is in place.

  • 7/27/2019 Premium Digest April2011


    5 PiPelines international digest | aPril 2011

    key ProjeCts

    disturbance. This means that sheet piling will need to be placed

    on 12 km of the pipeline route and drainage measures will be

    needed on large parts of the section. A considerable number of

    existing pipelines will also need to be taken into account, and

    many crossings will need to be completed.

    Nacap spoke withPipelines International Digestabout the

    challenges of the project.

    Dewatering will be a signicant challenge on the project

    as 80 per cent of the pipeline route needs to be dewatered.It will require proper work preparation, close contact and

    communication with water authorities, monitoring of water table

    and the shortest construction times per section to minimise water

    table lowering period.

    Another challenge identied by the Nacap team was the

    peat areas which will require excavation between sheet piling,

    increased work preparation and specic safety inductions for

    individuals working in this terrain.

    The project is being executed by the German and Dutch energy

    companies Wingas, E.ON Ruhrgas and Gasunie and is scheduledto be brought online in 2012.

    Nacaps bending machine, ready to be transported to site.

  • 7/27/2019 Premium Digest April2011


    6 PiPelines international digest | aPril 2011


    The oshore market demands rigorous quality such as that

    set by recognised standards such as DNV Oshore Standard

    DNV-OS-F101 Submarine Pipeline Systems. A new support

    to the pipeline market is a DNV service that provides solutions forpipe mills and coating yards to demonstrate and document their

    capability to manufacture high quality linepipe. The standard here

    isDNV-OSS-313 Qualifcation o Pipe Mills and Coating Yards.

    The development of the oshore and subsea market has

    amplied the need to have properly qualied and experienced

    suppliers of linepipe and linepipe coating. Indeed, the strict

    requirements for subsea linepipe are met by only a limited

    number of pipe mills around the world; procedures, equipment,

    and personnel must all be at a high level.

    A qualication according to the new DNV-OSS-313 includes a

    thorough review of the essential manufacturing procedures, in

    addition to monitoring and witnessing of production and testing

    by DNV specialists. To obtain a qualication, manufacturers mustcarry out a trial production and perform extensive qualication

    testing. DNV will write detailed reports on all activities and, upon

    successful completion of the production and testing, a Statement

    of Compliance will be issued.

    Advantages throughout the value chainThe new service meets a requested need from both

    manufacturers and purchasers, and will give benets to most

    of the value chain for subsea pipelines. A DNV Statement of

    Compliance means that there will be less concerns with the

    production of the most capital-intensive and time-consuming

    item the linepipe. In addition, the time required for start-upof production will be reduced, since all essential procedures

    already meet the requirements, limiting the need for additional

    clarication. A DNV qualication of the main manufacturers

    means that the pipeline project will progress faster and with

    less risk, which ts in with the current drive from the petroleumcompanies to fast-track projects.

    A pipe