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Unique, insightful Benchmark data to help Marketeres raise Marketing Automation revenue production while lowering business and personal risk.

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  • 1. DARE TO COMPARE ARE YOU KEEPING UP?Marketing Automation Trends, Benchmarks, and Best PracticesTHE POWER TO SUCCEED

2. BENCHMARK REPORT > ELOQUA MARKETING METRICS OUTLOOK 2011 2MARKETING AUTOMATION TRENDS, BENCHMARKS,AND BEST PRACTICESWhy Publish This Report? Last year we published our rst report onmarketing automation trends, benchmarks, and best practices basedon analysis of data produced by more than 700 Eloqua B2B and B2Ccustomers during the rst half of 2010. Our second installment of thisbi-annual report reects our ndings of all of 2010, and, because of ourgrowth, analyzes data produced by more than 900 customers. As youwell know, benchmarking is an ongoing process and trends and bestpractices can shift over time. While some key ndings remain the same,we saw some interesting developments when it comes to the uses andimpact of automation.Inside, we present the key trends we uncovered and dive into the whysCONTENTSbehind them. Plus, we give you a unique view into how Best-in-Class2Introduction to Marketing Automation Trends, Benchmarks,companies that is, those who perform in the top 20% compared to their and Best Practicespeers are taking sales and marketing to the next level. But thats not all.4TREND #1: RPM Adopters Showing Early andImpressive ResultsWe also share a full set of marketing effectiveness metrics open rate, 7TREND #2: Advanced Automation Use: Rising and Expandingclick-through rate, and more complemented by how-to tips gleaned 8Best Practices for Advanced Automationfrom Best-In-Class company practices.9TREND #3: Data Hygiene and Lead Scoring: The One-TwoPunch in Lead Productivity 10 TREND #4: Nurturing and Segmentation: Boost EmailEffectiveness and Qualied Leads 11 Email Metrics Chart 12 TREND #5: Marketing Automation Justies MoreMarketing Hires 13 TREND #6: Market Reach is Growing through SocialChannels But Its Still Early 14 Conclusion: Take Charge of Your Future 2011 ELOQUA CORPORATION 3. BENCHMARK REPORT > ELOQUA MARKETING METRICS OUTLOOK 2011 3SO WHAT DID WE LEARN THROUGH OUR ANALYSIS? RESEARCH GOALS AND METHODOLOGYKey ndings of the research include: The purpose of this study is to help marketers understand how their performance compares against other marketers that have adopted1. Companies adopting revenue performance management marketing automation capabilities as well as provide insight into strategies are reaping the rewards. major trends and best practices across B2B and B2C companies.2. Use of marketing automation is not only on the rise, its We tapped into the wealth of data that we have at our ngertips as making its way into more and more areas of companies. a leading provider of marketing automation. By combing through3. Data cleansing is playing a larger role in top-performing aggregate data associated with the sales and marketing campaigns companies and is improving lead-scoring efforts.generated by more than 900 Eloqua clients, we were able to identify what sets top performers apart from the rest of the pack. We then4. Nurturing and segmentation spurs greater email conducted additional research on a subset of the Best-in-Class effectiveness and a greater number of qualied leads. companies to gather best practices.5. Companies that automate boost productivity and are more easily able to justify additional marketing hires.The primary analysis for this study was done in February 2011 by Eloquas Customer Strategy & Success organization. We reviewed6. Increasingly, social channels are contributing to growing over 20,000 months of data and included 3.8 billion emails. We only market reach. included companies that had sent at least 1,000 emails per month,A NOTE OF CAUTION Industry benchmarks are just one way to judge a companysand only analyzed the data by industry when we had data for at leastsuccess. Be sure you benchmark your own performance against20 companies in that industryyour organizations past performance. That way, you canaccount for the nuances in your individual market and trulyDEMOGRAPHICStrack your continuous improvement and success. In this report, we classify SMBs as those with less than $150 million in annual revenue; corporate as those generating $150 million to $2Many of the best practices we highlight in this report are reectedbillion per year; and enterprise as those with over $2 billion in annualin Eloquas Revenue Lifecycle methodology, which outlines the revenue. Best-in-Class companies ranked in the top 20% of clientsbusiness processes, operational resources, and technology needed toanalyzed; average performers were the 50% who fell in the middle;effectively predict and manage demand creation. Because best-in- and the laggards represent the bottom 30%.class companies tend to invest in the four key disciplines of demandgeneration lead management, contact management, campaignmanagement, and effectiveness measurement they are able toestablish a high-performance demand-generation function.By following their lead, your organization can do the same! 2011 ELOQUA CORPORATION 4. BENCHMARK REPORT > ELOQUA MARKETING METRICS OUTLOOK 20114TRENDS, BENCHMARKS, AND BESTWhat is RPM?Revenue performance management (RPM)PRACTICES IN MARKETING AUTOMATION is a systematic approach to identifyingthe drivers and impediments to revenue,Overall, we see that automation is here to stay and becoming a key member ofrigorously measuring them, and thenthe sales and marketing organizations. With automation, organizations can scale pulling the economic levers that willoptimize top-line growth.right-time, right-message communications to their buyers, drive better-qualiedleads for sales, and accurately manage and scale revenue growth.TREND RPM ADOPTERS SHOWING EARLY 01AND IMPRESSIVE RESULTSIn our research, the pattern we see amongst the fastest growingcompanies is that they understand how sales and marketing driverevenue. They know, often with great precision, how small changesin sales and marketing activities inuence revenue outcomes. Tomanage revenue growth consistently quarter over quarter, thesecompanies have developed disciplines in sales and marketing that:Transcend the traditional silos of sales and marketing teams;Prole customer information and behavior accurately;Guide the customer through the stages of their buying process with messages delivered at the right time and delivered through the right channel; andCan be measured and managed at every stage. HOW DID WE ARRIVE AT THESE NUMBERS?We call this business strategy Revenue Performance ManagementWe compared the annual revenue growth of Eloqua customers who are(RPM) and we believe that this idea will transform the front ofce publicly traded and applying RPM and those who are publicly tradedof businesses of all sizes. And, the fastest growing companies and not applying RPM to the annual revenue growth of S&P 500are already applying it with great effect. We already found acompanies in 2010. In 2009, before RPM was introduced, both setsstrong correlation between using Eloqua marketing automation of Eloqua customers performed similarly. But once Eloqua customersand boosting revenue performance (in other words, year-over-year started applying RPM in 2010, they saw a dramatic spike in theirgrowth). However, those who are at the vanguard of Revenue revenues. They even grew faster than the companies in the S&P 500Performance Management really stood out as the market by a wide margin!recovered in the last year. 2011 ELOQUA CORPORATION 5. BENCHMARK REPORT > ELOQUA MARKETING METRICS OUTLOOK 2011 5TREND BEST PRACTICES FOR ADOPTING RPMBEST PRACTICES FOR MEASURING01CONT.Clearly theres good reason to apply RPM in any organization.These best practices will help you build a solid foundationfor RPM success. REVENUE PERFORMANCE Understand the value of your pipeline. To gain a trueunderstanding of whats in your pipeline including the Adopt a top-down culture that drives bottom-up results.stages that are not yet forecasted you need a combined The fastest growing companies understand how sales andview of whats happening in sales and marketing. By applying marketing drive revenue. Instilling this mind-set requiresa dollar amount to stages in the marketing process, you executive buy-in on the importance associated withcan understand your true revenue potential and determine marketing results and metrics. With this support, marketingwhether or not youre on track to meet your goals. and sales teams are empowered to use these metrics to set goals and achieve results. Manage your funnel. Ultimately you want to acceleratepipeline activities and maximize conversions. Doing that Deploy cross-functional teams focused on processmeans you need to assess the value in your funnel and improvement. Top performers align marketing operationsunderstand which levers you can pull to increase time or and sales operations to ensure that the right metrics arethroughput to revenue. For example, you could decide to being reported, results are being evaluated, and changesadjust spend on the marketing side or reallocate resources on are being pinpointed to drive improvements.the sales side to focus on the most effective campaigns and Gain one view of the truth. The most salient element into increase conversions. any RPM strategy is the integrated sales and marketing Understand the economics of your funnel. You need a strong funnel where sales and marketing have agreed upon thehandle on your cost per lead, opportunity, and closed deal set of stages, denitions of qualication for each stage,and which initiatives produce the greatest revenue impact. and the business rules that support the proper rolesWith this knowledge, you can better negotiate with the third and responsibilities at each stages. With this in place,parties that help you generate leads, such as those setting organizations can establish a single view of the drivers ofappointments for your sales reps. Plus, you can double revenue growth.down on th