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Photography planning

Photography planning

Cover pageMy front cover page will a medium close up shot of male singer. He will be wearing a clash of styles; Adidas top and a leather jacket either worn or slung over the shoulder clashing with wild, stylised hair and painted native American style stripes (hopefully in the continuing colour theme of the magazine). Hopefully this styling will reflect the indie genre, therefore it will be instantly recognisable to the audience. He will be facing the camera and using direct address, as I have found this invites the audience in, and can be an effective attention grabber. The cover will not be shot in a studio, instead outside; in a forest or heavily wooded area, as I still want there to be an element of wildness and mystery. This cover style will link with the rest of the magazine in being heavily themed, as I have found many indie musicians have strong themes themselves. I believe this makes them memorable in the audiences mind- it creates a strong association with certain colours with an artists image, which is what I intend to create for the magazine. I plan to have two further sub images of the shoot, along with a main cover line, which will be essentially showing the reader the main story of the magazine, which will be an interview with a rising indie musician and his photoshoot for the magazine.

Although Im going to keep the cover fairly minimalistic, Im going to have a eye catching slogan or quote from the artist interview, written in font that looks written by the artist himself, so that the audience feels this interview is personal with just the artist and them.

Contents pageFor my main image Im going to have a landscape picture with a festival setting, which brings a fun, youngish vibe to the magazine. The image will be edited so that the main colours stand out, and the colours link with my theme. I will have an article linking to information about this festival (which I have been to, and the image will be mine), which is small and advertises itself as a festival of arts, music, and culture, which is what I want the magazine to imbue- as indie is not just a music genre, it comes with a whole style and sort of alternative feeling. The mention of the festival will give the magazine a realistic feel, as most music magazines make mention of concerts, gigs, festivals etc. Im going to have around two other sub images, including an image of some album artwork of the CDs and vinyls the magazine reviews, furthermore Im going to have an image of a new indie band, to highlight the magazines Red Indian introducing.. page.

Double page spreadFor my double page spread I am going to only use one image, and this will be my main image. This will consist of the artist, with a medium close up shot of him on one page, and the rest of the image (of the woodland) spreading out onto the other side. He will be dressed in the same clothes as he is on the cover, to give this feeling of continuity, however the character is not using direct gaze as the camera is shot to the side, but instead he gazes straight ahead, in a powerful stance. I find often, celebrities are shot uses poses that places them in a position of power (it can show a steely determination or passion for the music), and are rarely shown to be vulnerable- once again, I hope this shot proves to be realistic. I plan to fade parts of the background where the text and celebrity is, making the audience truly focus on the page, and I feel it makes the image and text feel much more cohesive.