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  • 1. Price Medium close up of a girl looking directly at the camera Pictures of posters included in the magazine (Old school font) Medium Title of the shotmagazine Guitar -long shotBand Medium close upSingle artist Two pictures, matching the cover lines, medium close up of a girlBlack text boxes for cover linesHeadline (earth bound font) Featuring bar to inform the audience of the articles, bands and events mentioned in the magazinebarcode

2. Photograph of the artist getting her tattoo, this will be the focus of the double page spread. Three column layoutIssue and date Black boxes for text Alpha Beat! (same font as cover) + This Week Photograph of a tattoo studio (article will be about an artist and their body art) Photograph of concert tickets for grabs, close up Photograph of one of the journalists of the magazine, medium close up, theyre looking at the camera pulling a face Medium close up of two people, page number in the corner 3. Title of the article, three column layoutQuotes in the boxesPage number, conventio nalThe picture will be of the artists sat down, goi ng over to the other page, she will be looking in the distance showing off her tattoos 4. Model For my magazine cover picture I will use a medium close up of a girl, wearing orange and black clothes, inspired by Hayley Williams on the cover of Kerrang. She will be looking directly at the camera either smiling or a strong face expression showing that she is strong and independent. I will use the same model on the double page spread, she will be sat down and it will be a long shot to show off her tattoos which the article will be about as she is the main star artist featuring in my magazine. She will be looking off the camera as if shes looking at the text drawing attention to it. I will use a variety of different models on my contents page and front cover because I want the layout to be more picture filled than text, they will be wearing leather and have dark make up on because this is representative of the rock genre. Costumes The model will be wearing a black leather jacket as I feel the connotations of this are rebellion and rock which is the genre of my magazine. Her hair will be down to symbolise freedom which the magazine should give the audience, freedom to express themselves. I will also use a model with short hair because this shows a daring attitude and is associated with this specific genre, it makes the model look strong and dominant. Props I will use a picture of the guitar as one of the posters because it is the main instrument people think of when thinking of the rock genre and I think this will attract the audience. I will use green glasses because they give the models and edge and are individualistic. Locations The majority of my photographs will be taken in a studio with a white background as this allows me to manipulate and experiment with the pictures more, the guitar will have a background of the New York skyline as I feel this would attract the eye and mix things up making the magazine look more edgy and exciting. My double page spread photograph will also be taken in a studio, the model will be sat down and it will fill the majority of the right page and the bottom of the left, with the text above her legs.