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Photography planning:


Cover page: For my cover page photograph I have decided to have a main single photo of my artist that will feature on my double page spread. The photo will be of the female artist sat with a guitar not looking at the audience so not much information is given away until the article on the artist, the shot will be a medium shot. The photo will be taken with a cannon high quality camera for better quality. I have decided I dont want any sub images on the front cover so the attention isn't taken away from my main magazine feature.

Contents page: For my contents page I will have a range of images. This is in order to make the page more appealing for the audience to look at an read. I will have two boys stood together with a phone in one of their hands and both sharing headphones looking down at the phone. The shot will be a medium shot. I will also an image with the image of my feature for my article; this has continuity from the cover page this will be a medium shot again. For my sub images I will have one of a concert image (I have taken this previously at a concert) doing this will follow my market research of people being interested in concerts. This image will be a banner across the bottom of the page.

Double page spread: For my double page spread I will have one main female character (from the front page) and it will be based on a made up artist. The idea for this will include sub images of linking in with the character. The main character will take up one whole side of the double page spread with a medium shot, this picture will be taken outside. Having half of the page dedicated to this female character instantly tells the audience that this story is about her. The other half will be the magazine article. She will be looking into the distance symbolising her future music career.