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PowerPoint Presentation


FRONT COVERThe front cover of the magazine will consist of the main image, a female singer who will be the cover girl and Icon of the magazine for this particular month. Shell be dressed as though shes going out for the evening and will have natural, glowing make up. The shot itself will most likely be a long shot or medium long shot as this was a common shot used on the front covers I have researched and it tells the audience what shes wearing from head to toe so they can look like her. The more her image is used the more publicity she receives, the more readership the magazine receives. 1 or two sub images will be perhaps inserted such as advertisement for free tickets, cds and merchandise that are all up for grabs. Although they need to reel in the reader, we also need them to turn the page so, via the head and cover line's well drip-feed the reader so that not all content is given away on the first page. The main image will be shot in a studio as it will make the artist look really flattering and the quality of the image will be increased as we can manipulate the lighting, setting etc. Whilst in the studio Ill roughly aim to take 200 photos as this is what theyll do in the professional world to ensure that they have the winning image.

CONTENTS PAGEThe photographs used will consist of shots from the previous photoshoot of the magazines cover girl but this time theyll include close-ups. Equally, a medium close up shot will be re-created with difering male individuals to be viewed as heart throbs by the girls. Theyll be dressed in casual attire, and will be posed in a rather relaxed way. The background will be some what natural to the city for example a brick wall, so that it doesnt distract from the male artists. The other shots will consist of a long shot of a girl band, which will also be shot in the studio and each member will be dressed to suit their personality for example one girl, may have her hair down and lots of make up to be presented as the outgoing one, another could possess lighter make-up and have their hair up to be presented as the shy one etc. These shots will be really fun and the band will be encouraged to pose and have fun so that the photo communicates a happy and exciting atmosphere that my target audience would love to be apart of. I am hoping to change the location in order to give some variety to the backgrounds of the photos- a stairwell could be used to represent the artists on a break from recording in the studio for example. Overall the aim is to present all artists equally and to give the audience an open welcoming feeling to the magazine. Amongst these shots I will have pictures of concerts, fans at concerts, CDs, clothes and plugs promoting competitions that will be featured in the magazine. Aside from the concerts these will most likely be taken again in the studio, with high key lighting to illuminate and maximise the quality of the pictures. The best part about my magazine is that it is a popular music magazine so, the styles of music will vary from influences in rock, rap, electro, acoustic etc. The models/talents used will reflect this because of the different appearances and appeal that they each bring. Even more so, images from concerts may be featured to show my target audience the best gigs in their area and to cover the music events over the past month.

Contents page: Mood boards for the talents costume and make up.

GIRL GROUPINDIVIDUAL ARTISTSA white European-looking girl will be the cover star. Theyve been idolised in magazines as well as by the target audience as they admire and can identify closely with them as the majority of my readers are white European girls themselves.A mixed race male will b used to represent the influence of rap in popular music. The majority of male rappers are predominantly part of an ethnic minority group therefore ths use of stereotype allows me to represent diversity within the music industry. A white male artist is used to represent the stereotypical pop music male individual. In contrast to the rapper hell be dressed less urban, but will still look current even more so smart and will appear more open and friendly. Hell wear blue because it reflects the gender stereotyped colour for men.As discussed on the previous page, the girls will have their hair and make-up differing from one and other to represent the variety of personality types that they all have that my target audience can identify with.Every mood board will be sent to the corresponding individual so that they come prepared and can fulfil the role to their fullest understanding.

Double page spreadAgain another Image from the photo with the individual female artist will be used as her article is the highlight of this months magazine. On the first left-hand page it will be an enlarged image that has her posed, in a medium close up shot potentially looking away or disdainfully at the camera so the audience are more interested as to find out about the goings on in her life in the past month from the text. This will be shot in the studio as the image will be one of the largest within the magazine so we want to showcase the magazines professionalism. As well as a pull quote is likely to go at the bottom of the image and so by having the plain studio backdrop it reduces the risk of the pull quote ruining the impact of the picture. Furthermore like other magazines I have analysed theyve predominantly used studio shots. There is going to be plenty of space around the image for the text therefore the background should be plain so it doesnt distract from the text.


All the pictures featured in the magazine will be taken by myself or my employees to put a stop to any copyright issues that might arise if I were to use ones from the internet. To take my own photos Ill be using the Canon EOS 600D camera, a tripod-used to steady my pictures so that they are as blur free as possible, as sometimes the shaking of the hand can ruin the quality of an image. The tripod will mostly be used in any out of studio shots so if I would like some landscape pictures in the contents page for example itll keep it secure and positioned to capture any scenery without having to bend/crouch as well as keep the camera still. The SD card will save the images allowing me to later transfer them to be edited on the computer and the battery will keep the camera running. Reluctantly some images featured in the magazine such as the ones of concerts will be taken on a mobile device, this is due to venue policy on the use of professional photography. If this were to be done by an established magazine company in the real world, they would apply for a press pass to permit them to use professional photography as well as the press would be sectioned at the front of the stage to get the best pictures.