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  1. 1. Photo shoot By James Willis
  2. 2. First shoot These are some of the images taken from the first magazine photo shoot when Tracy Kidd came in and gave us some tips on how to use the camera to its full capabilities. We learnt how to correctly focus, get different angles and use reflectors to get the most light and best pictures. A light reflector was used in these mid shots to give the images more glow and focus and the surrounding wall provided a perfect back drop as it draws your attention to the main subject as well as for potential cover lines. This was a low angle shot using the sky as a backdrop that provides a neutral feel to the image.
  3. 3. First shoot continued... We then tried different angles and movements to the left the group running towards the camera gives the image motion and therefore making it more eye-catching to the viewer. When this photo was taken it was also looking upwards as it was taken from the ground up which also gives height and definition. This again was taken with thought as they are in height order so that when you view the image you are drawn into it as you are looking up.
  4. 4. Second shoot Using what we had learnt from the first shoot we then set up a studio to take pictures in. Using a black backdrop and artificial lighting achieved neutral image that focused on the person and your eyes then don't wander from the centre of each image.
  5. 5. Second shoot continued... Here the face has been focussed and the edges have been blurred into the black background and this gives the eyes a central point to look at. This image could be used for a contents page as it draws you into it and would make you more intrigued into reading the article. This image has been taken in a selfie style with the arm being blurred and the face in focus this brings you into the picture and makes you pay more attention to it. light has been further used to focus the face as they have been set up to highlight this.