Photo shoot plan and target

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Photo shoot

Photo shoot

I will have my friend tom Sutton dressed as a Mosher/rocker as much as I can and then I will have him dancing around doing numerous poses as in a mosh pit. Be done as a medium seized shot seeing most of his body trying to get a high angle on him, hands doing the Satan sign. It will be shot wherever because it will be edited out, in a dark place.

The background will be dark, either him photoshoped into a mosh pit or a dark background this will set the mood along with colours such as red as the title.Background/lighteningFigures/pose/locationcostume

Mosh danceTom SuttonSatan handsRipped denim jacketHeavy metal tank topSkinny jeansNew era hatVans plimsolls

Target audience

ShopMy target audience will be the sort of people that shop at stores that a different to high street ones, wearing different styles of clothing showing there individuality. Maybe wearing old clothes that are sometimes old and ripped.HobbiesSort of people who do the different things in life as in festivals and getting into mosh pits going to see bands all the time and doing sports that aren't probably noticed like bmx or skating.HealthThese people like to drink and smoke and not really care about things that much, as in eating junk food and not really caring about themselves living for the moment.ExtrasThey will put tattoos all over there body showing that they are crazy not caring about life getting tattoos for the fun of it.HomeThey will live in a ruff house messy not really caring what happens.