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During the production of my photo-shot for my rock magazine, I had some issues with the final product of the images looking blurry due to the fact that I took the pictures to fast, however I also had some pictures that came out according to my plan. Another way in which my photo-shoot went according to plan was that my models had the correct clothes that is appropriate for the genre of my magazine, they didnt wear a loth of colour on there clothes as most the vibrancy within the magazine comes from the colours used for the text and the use of Photoshop to make the face glow even more.

I took more than 50 pictures for my photo-shoot and I cautiously decided on which pictures I should use, depending on there presence and where or not it loots suitable to be on the front cover, double page spread and contents page. By carefully deducting my images it left me with 12 pictures. The reason for deducting my images is that within a rock magazine there are only one main image within the front cove, double page spread and contents page meaning that I would only have 3 main images and some advertising images of what would be consist within the magazine on the for cover leading me to have about 4 pictures within my magazine.

Once I was done deciding on what pictures I would use I opened my work on Photoshop, and used the magic wand tool to get rid of the green background of my image. For example: