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  1. 1. PHOTO SHOOT Good photos and rejected photos
  2. 2. REJECTED
  3. 3. REJECTED I decided not to use the first picture because the model is too central so it would not follow the conventions as easily as one that was more to the right. In the second photo the model is too far away so you cant really see him and there is too much going on in the background i.e. The trees and the school, so writing would be hard to read over it. The last photo is too over exposed so the colours are too bright So I decided not to use that one because it doesnt look as professional.
  5. 5. GOOD PHOTOS These are a selection of photos that I thought would be best for the magazine. After much consideration I chose to use the first one. This is because the model fills up a good amount of the picture so there isnt too much empty space and it uses the rule of thirds so it complies with the functions of a magazine. i.e. Cover lines in the left third etc. He also looks smart so he would represent the college well I decided against the third one as the model is pulling an odd face and the wind is blowing his hair so it looks scruffy. However this also follows the rule of thirds and he is standing in a good position. I liked the second one because the background is plain which means text will be easy to read over is and also it matches what the model is wearing so it is pleasing to look at. However he is a bit low down in the photo so there is too much of a gap above his head.