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Secrets of Success for Selling on the Phone

Nicholas Milne1 Definition of a Cold Call - A phone call to someone who is not expecting contact

Otherwise known as:

Is it true? Does everyone HATE cold calling?

Understand of the Mindset Your ProspectLet's say you're at your office and you're working away.Caller: "Hello, my name's Nick. I'm with Cornerstone Records Management. We offer a broad array of storage management , document destruction services, electronic media vaulting and other related services. Do you have a few minutes?You think: "Uh-oh, another salesperson. I'm about to be sold something. How fast can I get this person off the phone?

Lets talk about how to overcome this.Cold calling is a viable lead source for any company.Average Daily Cold Call StatsSecrets of the Cold CallKey TipsThe IntroductionThe GatekeeperThe AppointmentTurn 30 seconds into 3 minutesEmail Secrets

5Start with Dialogue, Not SellingNicholas MilneThe IntroductionNicholas MilneWIFM= Whats in it for me7What is your most pressing concern about gatekeepers (Receptionist )? How to: The Gatekeeper: Gain Access or InfoNicholas MilneGetting to the AppointmentTurn 30 Seconds into 3 MinutesEmail SecretsSecrets of Success for Selling on the Phone

Nicholas Milne


Nicholas Milne