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We've started up the Cornerstone with our new July issue! The Cornerstone is a monthly publication that promotes internal initiatives and markets site programs and accomplishments.

Transcript of July Cornerstone

  • July 2013

    A Nexus Newsletter

    Life in Balance

    Cornerst ne

    Nexus Launches Wellness InitiativeWelcome COO, Brock WolffWalk Smarter Not HarderSites Recognized for Excellence

  • From

    the C


    rOffice of the CEO

    Our bodies are our gardensour wills are our gardeners.


    Welcome back to the Cornerstone Newsletter! We have done some tweaking to our format since we last published. We will now be able to share our accomplishments with referral agents and community supporters. Nexus is growing and accomplishing big things, and we want everyone to know about us. Feel free to share this edition of the Cornerstone with friends, coworkers, and people in the field.

    In this issue, youll find information on several exciting changes. First, I want to welcome our new Chief Operating Officer, Brock Wolff. Brock joined Nexus in October, and oversees site programs, management, and direction. We are fortunate to have his skill and expertise at Nexus. Please welcome him when you see him on site.

    This issue also focuses on the new Nexus Wellness Initiative. This organization-wide program is an extension of our Cornerstone Value Care & Concern.

    Our employees are our greatest asset, and it is our desire to provide a workplace that recognizes you as individuals and helps you find ways

    to create a life in balance. Wellness is more than just fitness. It is about nurturing all those parts of yourself that make up your life: family, work, health, friends, activities, exercise, food, relaxation, sharing, participating, learning, laughing, and playing.

    The Wellness logo weve created represents those elements. The program, itself, will be ongoing. This isnt a flash-in-the-pan initiative. Each month, youll see new information in multiple formats, including an article here in the Cornerstone.

    Last, I want to congratulate our sites for some impressive accomplishments. Mille Lacs Academys Safari Program was recently recognized for overall effectiveness. Onarga Academys Transitional Living Program was named top in the state of Illinois for the second consecutive year. Indian Oaks Academy received a Tier 1 ranking from Medicaid. Gerard Academy launched its short-term residential program. Additionally, our website www.nexustreatment.org recently received an Outstanding Achievement award for Advocacy from Interactive Media Awards. Read more about these accomplishments in this issue.


    Creating balance in life isnt always easy. The Nexus Wellness Initiative, launched in May, will provide tips, articles, and activities to nurture mind, body, and spirit.

  • 2COO

    UpdateWolff Calls

    Brock Wolff Joins Nexusas Chief Operating Officer

    Brock Wolff joined Nexus as Chief Operating Officer in October 2012. In this role, he is responsible for the daily operations of the organization and oversees site programs, management, and direction. He is also in charge of Continu-ous Quality Improvement and Information Technology for Nexus, and plays a key role in legislative advocacy efforts. Prior to joining Nexus, Mr. Wolff served for 8 years as President and CEO of Orchard Place, a large childrens mental health provider in Des Moines, Iowa, serving nearly 10,000 children annually. Before that, he served as CEO of Family Resource Centers in Lima, Ohio, as Executive Director for Vantage Health Plan in Sandusky, Ohio, and as Risk Management Coordinator/Human Resource Director for Southeastern Mental Health Center in Sioux Falls, SD.

    Mr. Wolff has experience in Risk Manage-ment, Human Resources, Mediation, Trial Prosecution, and Residential Treatment Management. He has a Bachelors degree and law degree from the University of South Dakota.

    Wolffs family made the move to Minnesota with his appointment to Nexus. His wife,

    Kimberly, is an RN who just joined the staff at North Memorial Hospital. Daughter, Kaitlin, is 14 and is involved in lacrosse and soccer, as well as theater. Her passion is music. Son, Brandon, is 11 and is an avid baseball player and also plays basketball. We are all adjust-ing a bit to suburban life after living in the country in Winterset, Iowa, where we had 5 horses on 5 acres. So far, it has gone well, Wolff said.

    Coming to Nexus has been an adjustment, as well. Leaving a CEO position in an orga-nization that was centrally located in Des Moines to a COO position in a larger orga-nization with sites around the country was a very difficult decision to make. The chance to have a larger influence advocating for childrens services was a draw for me, but the overall impressiveness of Nexus as a state-of-the-art, top-notch organization ultimately swayed my decision.

    Since joining Nexus, I have been more im-pressed each and every day. The leadership and the staff of this organization are second to none, and I feel extremely blessed to be a part of such a wonderful place to work. Mak-ing a difference in the lives of children is what drives me each and every day, and I could not have come to a better place to accom-plish that goal, Wolff said.

  • 3Live Well, Everyday

    Today it seems that everyone is buzzing about Wellness. Is all the buzz neces-sary? Nexus thinks so! We want healthy, happy employees. The goal of the Nexus Wellness Initiative is to get you excited about im-proving your health and well-being.

    June marked the official kickoff of the Nexus Wellness Program, Live Well, which will offer an ongoing variety of wellness opportunities and activities to educate and inspire you.

    Each month well focus on a new area of well-ness. Some months, well even have events for you to participate in as individuals or teams. In August, well be starting our Step for Life walking challenge. Watch for details.

    Weve made it easy for you to get information on our wellness program:

    Check out the Wellness page on Nex-Net, to access a list of the current months events, the 2013 Live Well calendar, links to the Live Well recipe page, and the Well-being Insights newsletter.

    You can also log on to www.managewell.com, the online wellness portal for Nexus employ-ees.

    Our ADP homepage is another place to find information.

    Additionally, well be displaying posters, send-ing newsletters, and publishing wellness ar-ticles every month in the Cornerstone.

    Live Well!

    The Buzz on Nexus Wellness Initiative

    Visit the Nex-Net Wellness page, www.managewell.com, and the ADP homepage to learn more about the Nexus Wellness Initiative.

    Wellness Spotlight


    g Step for Life Walking Program Enrollment

    g Healthy Meeting Snacks

    g Healthy Bingo

  • 4

    extra calories; you can also do this with condiments when ordering sandwiches and burgers!

    Studies show that many people mistake the feeling of thirst for hunger. When you feel hungry, try drinking a glass of water to see if the feeling subsides. If plain water isnt your thing, add a flavoring packet without adding many calories.

    If you are an avid coffee drinker and flavor your morning

    brew with cream and sugar, try swapping in cinnamon instead. Cinnamon boasts a number of health benefits!

    It has been said to lower blood sugar and cholesterol, it contains antioxidants that create healthier arteries and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, and it has an energizing scent that has been found to increase alertness!

    Wellness has a number of definitions, but the one that stands out describes wellness as an active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a more successful existence. Other definitions use terms such as positive living, lifestyle achieving a persons highest state of well-being, good physical and mental health, and feeling balanced and satisfied in your body, mind, and soul. The Nexus Employee Wellness Program wants to help you begin your personal journey toward a successful existence.

    The Nexus Employee Wellness Program aims to help employees balance all the elements of their life. Program activities and information will be highlighted each month to keep the journey interesting and educational. Employees will also get access to an online well-being solution, ManageWell. Here are some helpful hints to get you started.


    Make peace with your body by feeding it well and keeping it active. When you are out to eat, order a side salad, cottage

    cheese, fresh fruit, or veggies instead of fries or chips with your meal. Choose to drink water or unsweetened tea instead of soda. If your dish comes with sauce, salad dressing, or gravy, ask for it on the side to control

    What is Wellness?

  • 5Soul:

    Nurture your souls wellness by engaging in activities that you enjoy and that make you feel better about yourself.

    Find something you are passionate about, whether its gardening, reading, or fishing, and make it a regular hobby.

    Do something nice for someone else. Volunteering and performing simple, kind deeds for others can give you a refreshing perspective and make you feel better.

    Start your day off in a positive way. Do something you enjoy first thing in the morning to boost your mood before going to work.

    Add activity into your day by walking more. Take the stairs, get up and move around during breaks, and make time for an activity during your day.

    Fidget in your chair. Yes, fidget! Foot tapping, rocking, and bouncing your legs can burn extra calories.


    Taking care of your mind is vital to your health! Find ways to relax, challenge, and use your brain often.

    Adults optimally need 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night. Getting plenty of rest can reduce stress, help heart health, reduce inflammation, m