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PENARTH COMPUTER CLUB. THE FRIENDLY CLUB. What’s it all about ?. Note: the show should run continuously… BUT.. if it does stop, a click will move it along. (Nobody is perfect!). - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • PENARTH COMPUTER CLUBWhats it all about ?THE FRIENDLY CLUBNote: the show should run continuously BUT..if it does stop, a click will move it along. (Nobody is perfect!)The show is fussier than it should be because it was designed to illustrate the large variety of features that are available!

  • PENARTH COMPUTER CLUB the friendly clubWhat? A sociable learning place to go at ones own speed.When? - SECOND and FOURTH Tuesdays of the month, Sept >JuneWhere? All Saints Church Hall, Victoria Square, Penarth 7.30 for 8.00pm start. Finish by 10.00 pm (usually!)Who? - Your Committee, Experienced members and Guest SpeakersWhy? Learn how to. / Do more / do it better/ and haveFUN

  • We like to help you to help yourselves

    The club concentrates on helping members to feel comfortable with their computers

    We show how to handle the most popular tasks and give a taste of how to do more

    We try to cater for the differing skill levels of our members

    In our first few meetings (starting in September) we aim to get beginners started and improvers progressing

    (Sshh!....These meetings also provide a bit of revision for everybody else!)

    PENARTH COMPUTER CLUB the friendly club

  • PENARTH COMPUTER CLUB the friendly clubTREASURER(& REPORTER)(& SPEAKER) (Yes . And dogsbody)Who are we?HOWARD

  • PENARTH COMPUTER CLUB the friendly clubThe rest of your CommitteeSecretaryTreasurerRhona BoudierSteve VineyMike JakobChairmanMike Finlay Secretary

  • The FRIENDLY Clubto thisThe Club could help you get from this

  • Penarth Computer Club

    You dont need to be a scientist- But it helps if you are not alone!

  • Penarth Computer Club

    .to learn about your computer

    Desktoporand how to do what YOU want to doLaptop

  • The FRIENDLY Club

    The Club started in 1992by todays standards computers were still quite primitive, difficult to operate & slowNow they are cheaper but vastly more powerfulthey are smaller but do bigger tasksthey are much, much fasterand they can do a wider range of tasks

  • Penarth Computer Club

    Some people (not a lot) want to know what goes on inside the magic boxWe help where we can

  • The FRIENDLY Club

    Many beginners are afraid the machine will blow up - It wont!

  • Penarth Computer Club

    So what could we do for you?Most new members start in September, a most suitable time to startWe introduce you to the workings of the ClubWe give guidance on setting up your machine to LOOK good and BEHAVE well - for YOUWe set out some golden rules, hints and tips to help you off to a flying startDemonstrations are often by senior members

  • The FRIENDLY Club

    Members show how they use their computers for:writing documents, sending e-mailscreating cards and invitationsaddress lists, including merging them with lettersconstructing spreadsheets to make calculations easy and accurate & drawing chartsimproving digital photographs & using effectsslideshows of pictures (or slides like these!)drawingsand much more

  • Penarth Computer Club

    We invite Guest Speakers to talk on a variety of topics of general interest including

    Family tree researchComputer crimeDefences against hacking and spyingThe future of communicationsAnti-virus protection measures... and we try to respond to requests ....

  • The FRIENDLY Club

    If you have particular areas of interest we hope that you will meet someone in the club with whom you can share that interest and develop it together

  • Penarth Computer Club

    We try to reduce your worries if you have a problem

    For example

  • Take pictures to remind you how cables fit It can be a great help!The FRIENDLY Club

  • PENARTH COMPUTER CLUBHoward .and at the end of each meetinga chance to have a chat over a sociable beverage.Thank you for your time