Penarth Classified 051115

Penarth Classified 051115
Penarth Classified 051115
Penarth Classified 051115
Penarth Classified 051115
Penarth Classified 051115
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  • 8/20/2019 Penarth Classified 051115


    Aerial & Satellite Services

    Building & Decorating

    Carpentry& Joinery

    Carpet Cleaning


    Home Services

    Home Services

    House Clearance

    Jet Washing


    Plastering Service

    Plumbing & Heating

    Plumbing & Heating

    Removals & Storage

    Roofng Services

    Waste Disposal




    7 Hickman Rd, Penarth

    Established 1983

    Plumbing, Electrics, Reliable prompt



    Very reasonable rates

    24-hour call-out service

    Tel: 029

    2070 8716 any time

    RADS & TAPS Gas Maintenance & Installation

    Energy Efficient Installers. Combi Boiler Specialists

     All plumbing work undertaken.


    02920 708 292   141260


    Buy & sell


    cassiid   your loaMarktpa Tpho: 01633 777000 emai: assid@gt-as.

    Reaching 14,335* local readers every single week

    can’t nd what you’re looking for? chek online at www.penarthtimes.o



    fmy nt








    By & s

    expt s



    Cardiff Road, Maesglas,

    Newport NP20 3QN

    Fax: 01633 777121

    Latest booking

    time, stops andalterations can

    be actioned until

    11.30am Tuesday

    prior to Thursday

    publication. *Source JICREG/Etelmar April 2015

    gure relates to an advert placed for

    1 insert in print and 1 week on website.

    we accept all major

    credit cards...

    w apt

    a major rdit ards...

    office hours Mon-Fri 9am-5pm

    adverT deadlines Latest Booking,

    Alteration or

    Cancellation is Ty t 11.30m

    for Photo Messages or Ty t 2:00pm

    for all others.


    for gra quiris, a

    01633 777000

    Follow us

    Follow us

    Follow us







    llow u



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      @   @


    . you’r o ik aa

    find us wherever you are

    . .c.k

    Thursday, Novemb32

  • 8/20/2019 Penarth Classified 051115


    Thursday, November 5, 2015

  • 8/20/2019 Penarth Classified 051115


    Thursday, Novemb34

  • 8/20/2019 Penarth Classified 051115


    New Vitara zips along with ease LIFE WITH theVitara isnot progressing without hiccups. Thismonth Suzuki discov- ered that therewas anerrant bitof mathsin theemergen- cybrakingsystem thatwas leadingthe carto respond andreact tohazardsthat weren’tthere.

    I’dalreadynoticed, to be honest. Thepiercingshriek of the “PANIC!” alarmtends to makean impressionwhen it catches youunawares.A sensor needed a quick recali- bration,I wastold. It’llneed a trip toyournearestSuzuki dealer.

    I turnedup andparkednext to an AtlantisTurquoise Vitara. Betweenthe twoof  them they show off themod- el’s best colours.I wasalmost envious,actually. The work didn’t takelong andthey evenoffered togive GKC a


    Suzuki Vitara 1.6 Allgrip SZ5, from £20,299 (£21,099

    as tested, range from £13,999)

    Engine: 1.6-litre petrol producing 118bhp and

    111lb/ft Transmission: Five-speed

    manual gearbox driving all  four whee ls on demand Performance: Top speed 112mph, 0-62mph in 12.0

    seconds Fuel Economy: 50.4mpg

    Emissions: 130g/km

    wash.I’m notgoing toturn thatdown.

    Since then,the sensors have definitelycalmeddown a bit, but it’s stilla littleeager tocry wolf whena carslows and turnsoff theroadahead of  you.Moreso than anyother carI’ve driven.

    Thismonth,I’ve beengetting togripswiththeengine and gearbox.As I mentionedlast month, it’sa detunedSwift Sport engine, butit comeswith a five-speed gearboxrather thana sixer. It’sa curious choice thatleaves youwishing foran extracog atmotorway speeds.

    That said,it’sa lightunit witha nicely mechanical feel anda precise lever action. It’s stuff likethis thatSuzukiusu- ally does verywellon itslarger andmore powerfulcars.It addsto theVitara’s likeability.

    It’s certainly not rev-shy, zinging around to theredline withease andever-stronger muscle.There’snot much torquelowdownin therev rangeso itneedsa firmright footand thedetermination to leaveit in gearfor overtakes andslip roads.

    Thank thelow overallweight forthat. Atjust1,075kg orso dependingon spec, thechunky Vitarais lighter thanmost superminis. I hadto checkthat figure wasn’t a misprint.

    Atleasttheinterioris stand- ingup tothe mileage it’s being subjected to already. The Alcantara seatfabric is grippy andtheseatsarepretty sup- portive. I wouldn’t mindmore lumbar support, though.

    As forfuel economy, 58mpgis the best I’ve managed sofar on mymodest cruise fromWales to HeathrowAirport,which is

    as muchas I couldnormally getoutof the Seat Leon X-Perience diesel I usedto drive.OverallI’m clocking 40-41mpg without making any effortyet to improvethat.

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    Deals Need to buy a car quickly or on a tight

    budget? Want to know what the best deal you can get for your money is?

    cars offers gathers all the best discounted

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    Wales, Gloucestershire and Herefordshire. Local hub   Buying locally is safer and more

    convenient. It means it’s easy for you to check

    the car out and test drive before purchasing, and avoiding delivery charges.

    Trust We only work with trusted local dealer- ships offering the best genuine deals.

    Thursday, Novemb30

  • 8/20/2019 Penarth Classified 051115


    Thursday, November 5, 2015