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Penarth View issue 01

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    Penarths new local magazine


  • e: 290499

    There are many great businesses operating here in Penarth. They are part of a vibrant community which enjoys many kinds of activities and is undertaking diverse projects, and we hope to provide a regular publication with a truly local focus that will be useful to everyone in the area.

    Penarth View is a quality publication printed in Penarth and delivered free to residents. In it youll find features about local businesses and information on local projects such as the Penarth Pier pavilion restoration project, with exciting news about how you can get involved (page 10), and the SiP loyalty card scheme (page 04).

    In this first issue we are pleased to showcase many excellent local businesses:Northern Star Jewellery (page 05), Pura Vida Boardriders (page 12), The Studio (page 08), Strandz Hair & Beauty (page 06)Mediterraneo at the Boat House (page 07)ener-chi (page 19)The Pier & The Pebble (page 15)The Skin Studio (page 17)Ogam Igam (page 09)Paramount Tandoori (page 13)Sonik (page 14)One Vision (page 16)Cor Cleaning (page 19)Arth Wine (page 20)

    There is such a variety of quality companies in Penarth and this is a great opportunity for us to let you know about the skills and services they have to offer.

    We want your news!Penarth charities, sports teams, schools, clubs: we would love to hear from you about future events, campaigns and topics of local interest. We are inviting local groups and organisations to send information to us so that we can inform the community of what is happening in and around Penarth.

    If you are involved with something that needs help from the Penarth community, or you simply want to tell people about it, please get in touch with us at the address below and we will do our best to feature it in a future issue of Penarth View.

    We hope you enjoy Penarth View and look forward to hearing your feedback.

    I am delighted to welcome you to the first edition of Penarth View. It is our aim to showcase quality businesses in and around Penarth, and to tell you more about who they are, what they do and how they are unique.

    Look out for Penarth View in 2011: February, May, September and November

    The Penarth View TeamPublisher Nigel Dudley

    Design Daniel Rayner

    Copywriter Ros Bromwich

    Special thanks toMike Chapman of Momentum Photography, Penarth, for some exceptional images, including our front cover.

    Peter Legg at Beacon Printers


    Beacon Printers Ltd, PenarthTel. 029 2070 8415

    Beacons Strapline_Layout 1 25/11/2010 14:20 Page 1

    Advertising & EditorialFor details of rates and features,please telephone 02920 290499.Email:

    Editorial deadlineThe next edition will be circulated in early February 2011.

    The copy deadline for this issue is Friday 28th January 2011.

    DistributionWith a minimum distribution of 10,000 Penarth View is

    delivered to homes across the area as well as being available in many locations.

    DisclaimerWhilst every effort is made to achieve accuracy, Penarth View

    is not responsible for errors or omissions.No part of this publication may be reproduced without

    written permission from the publishers.

    Penarth View is published by:

    Valley View Ltd, Penarth Office,Augusta Road, Penarth CF64 5RH

  • Shopping in Penarthis a green affair

    GPG is a community organisation devoted to encouraging people to think about climate change, and it is doing so in rather unusual ways.

    What on earth is the connection between shopping locally and reducing carbon emissions people ask. Everything, says GPG which launched its loyalty card scheme back in September.

    The Shop in Penarth (SiP) scheme now has 50 participating businesses in and around Penarth.

    If people shop locally, they leave the car at home and they will be buying a lot of stuff sourced locally. The green connection is simple shop locally and cut the carbon.

    The (SiP) card, bought for a 1, entitles the holder to many discounts and offers available through the scheme. SiP is not only green, it is very good for Penarth and Penarth people.

    It is supportive of local business and for the growing number of locals who can see that if they dont use their shops, cafes etc., quite soon they will lose them.

    Its simple, said Duncan Lewis who has run Sadlers Fish and Game shop for over 48 years use us or lose us.

    GPG agrees and says that without local support Penarth could quite soon become just a carbon copy of hundreds of other small towns an identikit town with supermarkets and none of the individual characteristics that make a place like Penarth so unique.

    Quite apart from the fun of finding out what is on offer many of the businesses change their offers monthly shoppers can really save on their shopping.

    Offers differ widely - from 10% off certain foods in one shop to 15% off quality handbags in another.

    Tricia Griffiths, chair of GPG is delighted with the way people have taken to the scheme.

    We want this to work for everyone residents, visitors, businesses and for the environment. Climate change is a serious subject, but a lot people ignore it because it is too big to think about.

    This way, people are helping themselves, helping the town, the local economy and the planet. Without much effort they find themselves involved, and that is a good feeling.

    Many people always shop locally but for many others the experience is quite new and enjoyable. People seem surprised, said one butcher, that we can help them choose the right cut of meat for a particular dish and we know where our meat comes from.

    So in this period of austerity and cuts can we afford to shop in Penarth? No doubt, say GPG members.

    They believe that planning a shop and buying what you actually need means less wastage and less rubbish to sort for recycling something else GPG is rather keen on!

    GPG has other projects which may tempt readers such as the community orchard and community gardens projects, a garden share scheme (Plotshare), and more.

    Heard of Gwyrddio Penarth Greening? Or GPG, as it is becoming better known?

    For information about GPG and SiP offers go to offers are also on view in the Post Office and Fourways both in Glebe Street.

    No access to a computer? Phone 029 2070 7828. GPG will be pleased to hear from you.

    Jos Organics getting our first green award

    The SIP loyalty card project is part of the wider I Shop Local campaign. By taking part in this scheme you are helping keep Penarth a vibrant and unique place to live, work, and shop.


    Local SIP businesses supporting this publication.


    Arth Wine - (page 20)

    Offer: 5% off single selected bottles of wine

    Ener-chi - (page 19)

    Offer: 1 off professional nail polish & 5 off Eminence Facials (excludes gift vouchers)

    Ogam Igam - (page 09)

    Offer: 10% off bags, purses and wallets

  • 35 A, Albert Road, Penarth, Cardiff CF64


    OPENING TIMESTuesday Friday:10.00am 5.00pm

    The Bespoke Process

    With a combination of state of the art technology and traditional jewellery making techniques, Northern Star Jewellery can create a unique piece of jewellery suited to your personal style and budget however extravagant or modest it may be.

    Aided by the CAD Matrix system, which is a thoroughly comprehensive jewellery design tool, Northern Star Jewellery can put together a series of 3D computer generated images. These will then be fine tuned according to your requirements, to create your own individual piece of jewellery.

    The final design file is then emailed to a casting company in London who will first grow a wax model of the piece. This is then cast in the material of your choice, and returned to us in a raw state. The casting is then cleaned up and each individual diamond is set and finished by hand to the highest standard.

    Matthew, who by trade is a specialist gem setter, has more than ten years bench experience and has carried out work for the some of the finest jewellers from Cardiff, Manchester, Leeds, to London before setting up his own business in Penarth.

    Matthew studied Illustration and Multimedia at the highly regarded Leeds College of Art and Design, where he specialised in 3D Computer Aided Animation, with particular focus on creating and manipulating 3D virtual objects.

    He then spent five years working for one of the UKs largest jewellery manufacturers, developing goldsmiths skills before specialising in gem setting.

    Since moving to Penarth five years ago he has now set up his own workshop and has set gems and finished high end jewellery for many of the top class jewellers from all across the UK, as well as working on individual bespoke items.

    Matthew holds a licence for the CAD Matrix system which has enabled him to combine his design and stone setting skills to be able to create intricate and stunning jewellery.

    Unique Bespoke Designs

    Matthew has an expertise that is unrivalled and unique in this part of Wales. Whether you want an engagement, wedding ring or a set of associated designed jewellery, Matthew will give you his knowledge and experience in making the perfect piece of jewellery for you. From start to finish, Matthews expertise will keep you informed of the whole process, advising what is best with honesty and sincerity.

    Stone Replacement Service

    As well as desig