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Transcript of Penarth and District Scouts 2013-2014 Review Newsletter

  • Issue 2: July 2014

    In 2013, thanks to grants from the Sports

    Council for Wales and Vale Council for

    Voluntary Services, we were able to pur-

    chase a bellboat (pictured bottom of the

    page) and train adults to take young

    people on the water.

    Since then we have been able to take

    over 1000 young people on the water

    from Beavers aged 6 to Network mem-

    bers aged 24.

    We also had funding from the Vale

    Volunteer Bureau though their Dish out

    the Dosh scheme to train 18-25 year

    olds in water sport activities of power

    boating and kayaking.

    We are now looking for funding to pur-

    chase a powerboat to increase the

    amount of water activities we can offer.

    Welcome to the 2nd issue of our

    review newsletter The Bear Factor; a

    review of what we have been doing in

    Scouting in Penarth and District dur-

    ing the 2013/14 academic year.

    In this issue, youll read stories about

    the Scouts adventures, see who has

    received awards for their hard work

    and read about upcoming events in

    the District .

    We hope you enjoy reading about all

    the fun our young people have had in

    the past year supported by our


    Julian Jordan, District Commissioner

    SCOUTING in Penarth and District has grown again in 2014 and is now 70 per cent bigger than five years ago. Dis-trict Commissioner Julian Jordan says: It's amazing what has been achieved in the last five years but its still saddening to think about the young people we cant fit in at the moment.

  • Big thanks to the following adults that

    have joined scouting:

    Craig Brown 1st Penarth Beavers

    Zoe Cropper 1 st Llandough Cubs

    Robert Cavaye- 94th Penarth Cubs

    Stuart Cuthill 94th Penarth Scouts

    Ellen Edwards District Treasurer

    Llifon Edwards Chair 12th Penarth

    Geraldine Goddard Treasurer 1st Penarth

    Monica HerlihyStorm Explorers

    Judith Ingram 1st Penarth Cubs

    Simon Jones 12th Penarth Beavers

    and 1st Penarth Scouts

    James Redford GSL 6th Penarth

    James Rind12th Penarth Group Exec

    Graham RoddisTreasurer 12th Penarth

    Martin Roots 1st Penarth Scouts

    Jon Scott1st Penarth Cubs

    Luke Smith94th Penarth Beavers

    Mingjuan Song Treasurer 1st Dinas Powys

    Sarah Strong 1st Penarth Beavers

    Dave Taylor 1st Penarth Group Exec

    Eirian Thomas1st Penarth Group Exec

    Robert Tipping12th Penarth Cubs

    Karen Wookey District Secretary

    Tom Dyer Scouts

    Stephen PowisCubs

    Jeremy HiltonBeavers

    Helen Morgan Beavers

    Katie PowisCubs

    Tony BennettCubs

    Adam MorseScouts

    Will BattenCubs

    Darryl PayneScouts

    Theres something for every young person

    in Scouting, whatever their physical ability.

    Julian Jordan district commissioner says

    the key for us is more adult support. This

    can be split in a number of ways:

    1) Leader for the young people on weekly


    2) Support the leaders when you can at the

    weekly meetings

    3) Background support with finances and


    4) Being an instructor in one of the 200


    5) Supporting the major activities we run on

    a termly basis

  • Beaver Scouts are the youngest section of

    Scouting. Activities are based around making

    things, outdoor activities, singing, playing

    games, going out on visits, investigating nature,

    listening to stories, learning how to be safe and

    most importantly, making new friends. Beavers

    is for Boys and Girls aged 6-8

    In October Beavers from around the

    District met up for a sleepover. The

    theme of the night was around the

    world and the Beavers visited many

    countries including Japan, America and

    Italy by doing different activities. Once

    all the traveling was completed it was

    time to get in their sleeping bags and

    watch a film before trying to get some


    Our Beavers managed to earn 3

    badges is just one day. The beavers

    went on a hike, learnt about first aid

    and IT. They gained their Hikes Away

    1, Emergency Aid 1 and IT Stage 1


    60 Beavers in June went on a trip to

    the Zoo and saw lions, elephants,

    meerkats and many more animals.

    Sleepover November

    Carol Service 15th December

    St Georges Day26th April

    Outdoors Badge Trip 21st June25

  • Cub Scouts are young people aged between 8 and 10 1/2, who make up the second section of the Scouting family, between Beavers and Scouts.

    100 cubs attended camp with over 25 adult helpers. Everyone had a brilliant time, whether it was traditional firelighting or tent pitching, to firing spuds across the river and don't forget the duck race! Seems the cubs favourite part was the eggy bread for breakfast! It was really nice to see 6 out of 7 groups from the district come together to make an excellent weekend.

    Just under 80 cubs attended the badge day this year, all completing a badge in one day. The Astronomers paid a visit to techniquest, the cyclists went from the barrage to Padsac, the DIYers made bird feeders, the scientists got experimental, the chefs made pizza, the emergency aiders learnt how to help, and the ITers got artistic (with a camera). Thanks for the help from all the adults, making the day a great success.

    Carol Service 15th December

    Badge Day24th January 7.50

    5-A-side28th March

    St Georges Day26th April

    Outdoor Activity July

  • Over 20 Scouts took part in the Wii Hike

    around the district navigating from scout

    hall to scout hall and then competing in

    Nintendo Wii gaming and other console

    battles. The patrol that won was from a

    mixed patrol of 1st Dinas Powys and 6th

    Penarth receiving the expedition trophy

    for 2013

    'Scouting has given me a fantastic opportunity to do

    lots of activities and things that people who are not in

    Scouts dont get to do. Its about having fun with good

    friends. Scouts are usually aged between 10 and 14.

    6 patrols from around the district

    took part in the annual cooking

    comp. The patrols cooked dishes

    from burgers to curries and the fa-

    vourite with the judges; welsh

    cakes. The overall winners were

    the 1st Penarth. The standard of

    the cooking this year was very

    high and every team was in with a

    shout of winning and should be


  • 45 Scouts spent a beautiful

    Saturday on the water doing 4 dif-

    ferent water activities from the

    new craze of Paddle Boards to

    Kayaking and Sailing. In total the

    scouts did over 200 hours on the

    water which goes towards their

    time on the water badge.

    Wii Hike18th October

    Carol Service 15th December

    Cooking Comp 31st January

    Snow and Space Camp Spring - 50

    5-A-side28th March

    St Georges Day26th April

    Water Day 201516th May -20

    Expedition Challenge 12-14 June 25

    50 Scouts from Penarth and District

    joined up with over 1000 scouts from

    across Wales to take part in the All Wales

    Scout Camp 2014 at the Royal Welsh

    Showground. They took part in 100s of

    activities including driving a car, zorbing,

    mountain biking , wheel chair basketball

    and pancake making to name a few.

  • Explorer Scouts is the 4th section of Scouting for young people aged 14 to 18. Explorer Scouts can work towards their Duke of Edinburgh and Scout Awards. Explorers can also be young leaders with one of the younger sections.

    3 of our explorers/young leaders have

    been selected to go and represent Wales

    at the World Scout Jamboree in Japan in

    2015. The world jamboree is the Scout

    version of the Olympics and the 3 will

    camp with 30,000 Scouts from over 200

    countries. The cost of the trip is 3000

    per person so look out for the fundrais-

    ing events they are running.

    MEMBERS of Penarth Scouts Young Lead-ers unit have sampled life under sail aboard the 40 foot X Beat in the Bristol Channel.

    The IMX 38 racer cruiser is operated for training or charter purposes by the Car-diff Yacht Company. During the voyage the crew ensured that the explorers were fully involved in the setting up of sails and the navigating in and out of Cardiff Bay.

    The Explorers who have leadership roles in local scouting all took an opportunity to take the helm during the voyage.

    As they returned to the Cardiff Marina the team agreed that they would like to repeat the experience when its blowing a gale!

    Young Leaders support the Leaders of Beaver, Cubs and Scouts as well as get-ting service towards their Duke of Edinburgh Awards, Scout Awards and Welsh Baccalaureate.

  • CONGRATULATIONS to Network Scouts Megan, Matt and Darryl who all attend-ed the presentation of Gold DofE Award Certificates at St James's Palace in the presence of the Duke of Edinburgh.

    Megan and Matt (1st Penarth), and Darryl (6th Penarth) are continuing to support Scouting as members of the Scout network and as leaders in local Scout groups.

    The Scout Network is the fifth and final

    youth section of The Scout Association in

    the United Kingdom, catering for those

    aged between 18 and 25 years.

    Whether you have any experience within