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Owensboro Parent, the FREE guide to raising a family in Owensboro, Kentucky. Featured Articles: Parent Talk, The Last Cupcake, Adoption Adventure, Chores vs. Contributions, Summer Fun Photos, Family of the Year, Volunteer Projects for Kids, Help Someone, Foundation for Service, Never Look Down, Taking the First Steps, Veggie Time, & Big O Music Fest. Contributors: Christina Dalton, Dean Ehrenheim, Dr. Brian Gannon, Danny May, Jaime Rafferty, Christy Ramey, & Lora Wimsatt.

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    I still have vivid memories of pushing that red mower up and down

    the weed-filled yard. My older brother trimming the fence line

    while my papaw was cutting some overgrown landscaping back. It

    was a hot summer day and I cant say I was thrilled to be out there.

    Not many 12-year-olds would be. Truth is, I wasnt even sure whos

    yard we were mowing.

    We were making our weekly mowing rounds and had just finished

    mowing my great aunts yard when my my papaw learned that her

    neighbor was in need. So without hesitation, we walked over to her

    house to take care of her yard. It was overrun with weeds and grass

    and it wasnt easy to cleanup. But we did it to perfection.

    When we finished and were headed home my papaw gave us a few

    dollars out of his own wallet. It wasnt much, but it didnt have to

    be. You see, he had been showing us all summer that its not about

    the money. Its not about what we can gain for a job well done.

    Its about helping others, with everything we have, and expecting

    nothing in return. And when we realize that, we get ever so closer

    to loving our neighbors as ourselves.

    Occassionally I drive past that inconspicuous yard and remember

    that summer day. All these years and Im still trying to figure out

    how to give of myself like my grandparents do of themselves. And

    while Im learning, I have my kids right here beside me. Were

    going to help our friends, our family and our neighbors here in our

    own city and around the world. And if the job calls for it, we may

    even find ourselves pushing a red mower on another hot, summer


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    july 2012

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    Ever since our children were young, my husband I have looked forward to the 4th of

    July concert on the river with the Owensboro Symphony Orchestra. We would set up

    on the lowest level of the big steps overlooking the Ohio and lay out blankets on the

    grass below.

    Sometimes the concert would get off to a rousing start with jets flying over our heads.

    By the time the music and the fireworks were over, our children were full from shared

    meals brought by us and our friends and played out from trips up the steps to the

    playground and the bathrooms. We would wait until most of the other families had left

    before venturing up the hill, arms loaded with chairs, coolers and sleepy kids.

    I have high hopes that someday this tradition will be carried on with my kids and the

    grandchildren they bring along!

    - Valerie Holcomb

    We have probably 10 families that go in on fireworks at my brother-in-laws house.

    We have a picnic and usually let off an hour or so worth of fireworks. Fun visiting and

    seeing everyone and trying each others best summer dishes!

    - Stacy Malott McRoy

    Our family usually hosts a big 4th of July BBQ Bash. We always have a huge water

    balloon fight in the afternoon, then we grill and eat. Once it gets dark, we have our

    fireworks show and then theres a bonfire and smores! This year we will do all of

    that, but we will also be hosting a week-long family reunion with about 120 people in


    - Brittney Reed Edge

    We asked you to share your familys Independence Day

    traditions with us and we received a lot of great stories!

    Here are a few of our favorites!

    parent talk

    july 2012

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    the lastcupcake

    { b y : l o r a w i m s a t t }

    One idea is to look

    for opportunities

    to expand your

    family activities

    beyond your

    own household.

    For example,

    look around the


    to see if there is

    someone who

    needs assistance...

    Lets face it: Most children are pretty self-centered. Its all about them. They dont want to share. The last cupcake is always theirs.

    They want the shiny toy, the window seat and first pick of which

    movie to rent.

    Its easy for parents to give in. (How does it

    look to argue with a 5-year-old over who gets the

    biggest cookie?)

    And most of these arguments will eventually

    be outgrown. Well, except for the last cupcake; we

    all want that!

    But raising children is more than just

    navigating these battles. Most Moms and Dads

    understand that being a parent also involves a

    responsibility to instill in their children a sense of

    responsibility and giving toward others.

    Even the youngest child can participate in

    service to others through the everyday situations

    in their own families.

    For example, if the family is active at church, there are numerous

    ministries to support. Even little ones can take part in projects to

    collect food, clothing or money to help those in need.

    If parents are members of an organization with a service

    orientation, bring those conversations from the club luncheon to

    the family dinner table. Talk about the projects

    your club is supporting, and why they are

    important. Be creative in finding ways for your

    child to contribute.

    However, its important to let the child make a

    real contribution dont just hand him a dollar to

    put in the kettle, or give her a can of soup to drop in

    the collection box. Give your child an opportunity

    to earn that dollar or buy the soup by doing chores

    around the house. While youre at it, engage her

    in a conversation about what kinds of items

    groceries, clothing, health and hygiene products

    might be appropriate for the circumstances.

    Another idea is to look for opportunities to

    expand your family activities beyond your own

    household. For example, look around the neighborhood to see if

    family life

  • July 2012 . OWENSBORO PARENT 9www.OwensboroParent.com

    there is someone who needs assistance with lawn maintenance.

    Kids can help rake leaves or mow grass. It may even be as simple

    as asking an elderly or handicapped neighbor if they need help

    moving their toter out front on trash collection day. Perhaps a

    neighbor has a dog but is unable to take it for walk. This is a great

    way to help out and get some family exercise at the same time!

    And its important to remember that volunteer service is

    not limited to donations and chores. Time time spent with

    another person, talking, listening that can be the greatest gift

    of all. And its a gift that truly blesses the giver as much as the


    Encouraging your child to be of service to others may very

    well be the greatest lesson a parent can teach. Even better than

    giving up that last cupcake.

    Lora Wimsatt is a mother, grandmother and writer. She enjoys the everyday

    blessings and adventures of life, especially her family.


    Speaking of cupcakes...

  • 10 OWENSBORO PARENT . July 2012 www.OwensboroParent.com

    Adopted children tend to have predictable challenges related to adjusting