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Owensboro Parent, the FREE guide to raising a family in Owensboro, Kentucky. Featured Articles: Parent Talk, We Are Building Something, Power of Positive Associations, Happy Birthday Jordan, Pathways for Success, Fall Family Fun, A Harmless Halloween, Ghosts & Goblins, Heroes Among Us, Owensboro Symphony, Concert Curators, Together Fun, & Lost River Cave. Contributors: Christina Dalton, Casey Hamilton, Danny May, Dean Ehrenheim, Lora Wimsatt.

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    I have lived in Owensboro all of my 25 (almost 26) years, with only a 4-year hiatus for college. When I graduated WKU in 2009, Jeff and I didnt know where we wanted to live. We are true, red-towel-waiving Hilltoppers. (Did you see that WKU-UK game?! Go Tops!) So Bowling Green seemed like a good option for recently graduated newlyweds. But something pulled us to Owensboro. I have nothing but great memories of this town while I was growing up and we knew a family of our own was somewhere in our near future. And now, as the air turns cool and fall begins to settle in, I am reminded of exactly why we made the decision to move home. The Apple Fest is just around the corner, and I cant wait to show Avery the pure joy of a Reids Orchard Apple Sundae (no nuts). And the perfect Sorce Family pumpkin is just waiting to be picked at Trunnells Farm Market. The leaves are turning at Yellow Creek Park and will make the perfect setting for our family photos. And as the weather cools down, we cannot wait to enjoy Smothers Park and the new downtown atmosphere. This season and this town are full of rich, family tradition that I look forward to sharing with my daughter. Owensboro may not offer the perks of a big city, but it certainly offers a family lifestyle that I cherish, a lifestyle that we at Owensboro Parent hold closely to our hearts.

    After thousands of people posted on our Facebook page, rallying on behalf of Lane Goodwin, you cannot deny the sense of community we have in the Owensboro area. As the editor of this magazine, I know I am in the right job because I get to bring stories like Lane to you. But as a member of this community, I know Im in the right place because of the overwhelming amount of support shown to one remarkable young man. Maybe you are just beginning family traditions with a new baby, or maybe you are continuing traditions made many years ago. Either way, I encourage you to embrace this city for all that it has to offer you. We have something special going on here in Owensboro--- lets enjoy it!

    Ashley Sorceashley@owensboroparent.com

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    october 2012

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  • 6 OWENSBORO PARENT . October 2012 www.OwensboroParent.com

    Owensboro Parent was happy to give you an exclusive look at Smothers Park in

    our August issue. Now that the new downtown park has been open for a while,

    we wanted to know what you think about it! Thats exactly what we asked you

    on Facebook this month and these are a few of our favorite answers.

    parent talk

    I enjoyed taking my grandson and granddaughter there, they loved it

    and Mimi got a good workout trying to keep up with them. Lots of neat

    pictures for my scrapbook. - Linda Cheatham

    My kids have not asked to go to any other park since this one

    opened! We love everything about it and I love hearing all the positive

    comments from other visitors. - Jamie Berry

    Smothers Park brings a whole new image to downtown. It has opened

    opportunities for parents to have fun with their children without having

    to spend money-- teaching kids the value to appreciate family time.

    - Rachel Pate Whitford

    It is amazing! I admit, I was a tad worried when I heard what it was

    gonna cost. This is for sure something Owensboro needs to be proud

    of!!!! Way to go Owensboro! - Jason Dil l

    october 2012

  • October 2012 . OWENSBORO PARENT 7www.OwensboroParent.com

    The park is a great addition to our city. My children have already

    been several times and love every aspect from the splash park, to the

    playground and the fountains. - September Ambs Board

    It is so family friendly! You can have date nights with your spouse,

    walk by the river and see the amazing view, swing in the relaxing

    swings while listening to the water fall on the steps leading to the river,

    or have a treat at the concession stand for cheap! My kids love the

    playground... My husband takes one and I take the other and we have

    as much fun as the kids! Owensboro needed this and its just beautiful

    and we enjoy going every chance we can! Good decision!

    - Julie Carrico Hodges

    My 3-year-old loves going downtown, looking at the big blue bridge,

    playing at the river park, which also includes Smothers park. The

    opportunities of going for a walk, playing on the endless playground

    equipment and playing in the spray park has enhanced downtown

    activities for children. I am proud of our citys transformation!

    - Michel le Crouse Pagan

    Makes me so proud to live here. Great place for the whole family. I love

    that my 16-month-old has a place to play that is geared toward her age.

    And as a mom, I love the padding! She could even play in the spray

    park without me worrying about her falling and hurting herself. Thank

    you Owensboro! - Ashley Lanham Hicks

    When we took our two year old to smothers park my husband and I

    were both in awe at the amazing transformation. We both commented

    that it felt like we were on a vacation retreat! We had such a wonderful

    visit! We cant wait to have our parents come visit so they can see it for

    themselves! Thank you Owensboro! - Natalie Hinton

    I am so happy and thankful to live in such a family oriented community!

    Smothers Park is wonderful! My kids of all ages have enjoyed since

    its opening! My 30-year-old son entertained his sisters, 8 and 11, for

    hours! We took a picnic, played in the spray park and enjoyed all the

    playground equipment! Topped it off with the great view sitting on the

    river! Wonderful memories made! - Trudy Sjerven Boyd

  • 8 OWENSBORO PARENT . October 2012 www.OwensboroParent.com

    There are only three pieces to the chunky wood puzzle a dog, a cat, a bird. Each piece has a wooden knob attached, very handy for picking

    the piece out of the frame.

    Over and over and over and over I pick up

    each piece, saying carefully and clearly each time:

    Dog. The dog says Arf! Arf! Cat. The cat says,

    Meow! Meow! Bird. The bird says, Tweet! Tweet!

    And then I put the pieces back into place,

    repeating it all over again: Dog. The dog says Arf!

    Arf! Cat. The cat says, Meow! Meow! Bird. The

    bird says, Tweet! Tweet!

    My granddaughter stares at me, glances at the pieces. She is


    I hand her a piece. Dog. Dog. The dog says Arf! Arf!

    My granddaughter says nothing.

    Where does the dog go? I ask, offering her the frame. I give her

    a hint, pointing to the dog-shaped cutout on the board.

    She is not interested in where the dog might go,

    instead decided she will go somewhere herself. She

    stands up and toddles away on her chubby bare

    feet, but goes only as far as the toy box. She picks up

    another toy and toddles back to me, thrusting it into

    my hands.

    Are you tired of dog, cat and bird? I ask

    sympathetically. I can relate. Okay, we can play with rings. See the


    I turn the stack over and the plastic, multi-colored rings fall off

    we arebuilding

    Building something

    that has nothing to

    do with blocks.

    family life

    { b y : l o r a w i m s a t t }


  • October 2012 . OWENSBORO PARENT 9www.OwensboroParent.com

    and roll around us on the floor. I pick one up, the big one.

    Blue, I say. Blue.