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Owensboro Parent, the FREE guide to raising a family in Owensboro, Kentucky. Featured Articles: The Lessons of Summer, Parental Control, Back to School Roller Coaster, Taking the Leap, Don't Be a Stranger, The New Owensboro, Photos from Facebook, Lights Camera Taken, Grief Isn't Just for Grownups, Owensboro Air Show, Your Child's Best Vision, Course for Success, and It's Fun to Be 5. Contributors: Christina Dalton, Dr. Brian Gannon, Casey Hamilton, Danny May, Jaime Rafferty, Jessica Albers, Christy Ramey and Lora Wimsatt.

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    What a great year its been. Looking back over the last 12 issues of Owensboro Parent reminds me of all the great stories weve been able to share.

    We started with a Lane Goodwin cover story in October. That issue is one of my favorites. The way it came together was remarkable. The magazine was due to the printer on Monday morning and on the Friday morning before I got a phone call. Have you seen our Facebook? No, I hadnt. I pulled it up and to my surprise hundreds and eventually thousands of our readers were lobbying for us to put Lane on the cover, to put a hold on our Cover Contest and give him the spotlight. We couldnt have agreed more. But we had less than 72 hours to go to print. Could we really change our entire magazine?

    We knew if we were going to focus on childhood cancer we had to find as many children in our region as we could who were battling this monster. So we set out with the help of readers to find them all and interview all the families. It was our 72-hour mission to find their stories and find out how we could help them by telling their stories.

    With only hours to go, we received an amazing portrait painted by Aaron Kizer. We worked it into the cover, edited over a dozen stories and got the October issue to the printer.

    The response was phenomenal! We shipped magazines all over the country and thousands of readers read and shared the story online. The impact and support for those with childhood cancer still continues today.

    We hope to continue sharing amazing stories and listening to what you feel is important. Thats why we are exciting to announce our new magazine: Owensboro Living. Owensboro Living is a culmination of everything we have learned about what our readers love in Owensboro Parent but will now focus on our entire community. We know Owensboro Parent will continue to grow and we hope you are as excited about Owensboro Living as we are!

    Stay tuned!

    Jason Tannerjason@owensboroparent.com

    Publisher/Creative Director

    Jason Tanner



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    Katie Albers

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    Christina Dalton

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    Danny May

    Jaime Rafferty

    Melody Wallace

    Lora Wimsatt


    Greenwell Chisholm

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    august 2013

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    august features



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    august 2013

    August is a big month for Owensboro Parent! We are celebrating

    our 25th issue-- two years making this magazine for Owensboro!

    To celebrate, we asked you what you like best about our magazine.

    Here are some of our favorite answers. (And thanks for all the

    support youve shown us these last two years.)

    parent talk

    I love that it always seems like you know exactly what I need. When we

    were looking for answers to dealing with tantrums you gave me seven ways.

    And now were planning our oldest sons 2nd birthday party and you gave

    me great ideas on how to do fabulous and affordable. Its a magazine thats

    really geared toward moms like me.

    - Brittany Molina

    I love the calendar. Its a one stop shop full of useful info on all of the family friendly

    events in Owensboro. This magazine is truly a gift for parents.

    - Laurna Wimsatt Strehl

    I think its a wonderful magazine! Im always telling people where to pick

    them up. I love love Christina Daltons Questions and Answers. They always

    have useful information and make me laugh too! Happy 2nd Birthday and

    many more...

    - Angela Maxwell

    I love everything about the magazine! My favorite parts are the articles and

    pictures of local families even if I dont know them personally. But I love it

    when I do. Awesome job and Happy 2nd Birthday!

    - Becky Ford

    I love everything about this magazine as well. I like the stories, pictures,

    question & answer discussions, and the local advertising. Each month has

    been beneficial as a parent, business owner, member of the community,

    early childhood educator, and/or a college instructor in the education

    department. I always pick up two copies .... one for me & one for Brescia

    University Education Department. Congratulations & I look forward to

    many more successful issues!

    - Jennifer Brey

    Seeing the smiles on the faces of the local kids featured in the articles.

    - Sandra Mullikin

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  • 8 OWENSBORO PARENT . August 2013 www.OwensboroParent.com

    Its been a long summer, and now the store aisles have been cleared of big plastic coolers, racks of patriotic bunting and tubes of sunblock. They are filled with neat packets of pencils,

    all lined up bright and yellow; pocket folders splashed with

    images of Superman and the pretty, pouty girl from The

    Hunger Games; and a dizzying selection of backpacks in which

    to haul it all back to school.

    Children dash frantically back and forth from the shelves to

    the shopping cart, snatching up boxes of crayons, index cards

    and protractors even as their mothers call after them that the

    protractor theyd bought last year should still be good, shouldnt


    The answer, in a word, is no. Whether thats because they

    have no idea where last years protractor is having never used

    it anyway or because they do know where it is, which happens

    to be covered with glitter and ribbons and construction paper

    to look like a rainbow, which was one of those bored-summer-

    afternoon art projects that always seem like such a good idea at

    the time.

    Somewhere between the argument about whether the

    child really needs an iPad in order to successfully navigate

    elementary school, and the near-tearful meltdown over whether

    the most expensive calculator is any more likely to provide the

    correct answer every time, there is an offhand remark about the

    increased level of difficulty in curriculum from last years grade

    to this years grade.

    Well, of course, that makes perfect sense. As children

    move through their educational careers, of course their levels

    of understanding, skill and knowledge increase. As they

    grow and learn, of course they are capable of greater depth of


    Thats what learning is all about of course: Starting with

    the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic, building on those

    foundations of literacy and numeracy, expanding into the

    sciences and social studies, the arts and all the other subject


    So that, by the time a child progresses from preschool or

    kindergarten through completion of elementary, middle and

    high schools, he or she has learned, well, everything he or she

    needs to know in order to move on to college and career.

    { b y : l o r a w i m s a t t }

    family life

    the lessons ofsummer

  • August 2013 . OWENSBORO PARENT 9www.OwensboroParent.comwww.OwensboroParent.com

    { b y : l o r a w i m s a t t }

    Thats how it works.

    We can all be thankful for schools and teachers who are

    dedicated to education, who are dedicated to students kids

    and their futures.

    But we never want to forget the classroom of summer

    vacation, and the lessons it teaches lessons that also last a


    Riding your bicycle just a little bit further each day than the

    day before, until you find yourself standing, knees trembling,

    at the top of Deadmans Hill, where the kid next doo