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  • 1. Our values and ethics as a recruitment business

2. Our values and ethics are very important to us. They are at the core of everything we do. 3. Our values Will be simple to understand and straightforward in their approach. Will be swift, efficient and deliver exceptional results on time every time. Will be honest, welcoming, approachable and always have time for you.Will be consultative, thorough and provide you at all times with professionals. Will listen, respect and appreciate our candidates and clients needs. 4. Our ethics We respect every employee and they are treated as an individual; with a focus on morale. We strictly work within the recruitment industry set of guidelines. We maintain the highest standards of professionalism at all times. Will are always open, fair, honest and trustworthy. We strictly focus on integrity at all times, as a business and individuals who represent the Venturi brand. We are wholly committed to providing and maintaining the highest levels of excellence internally and externally. 5. Customer focus Customer focus is paramount to helping us build great relationships with our clients, candidates, suppliers and stakeholders. We are always on hand to offer guidance, support, advice or just to listen. We are proud of our commitment to ongoing customer service and we believe that this has helped us to develop into a trusted brand. 6. Engaging our employees Investing in every single employee has helped us to achieve exceptional results. By employing and nurturing the very best talent, we have built teams of highly engaged, insightful and dynamic professionals; ensuring quality of delivery every time. 7. Establishing great relationships Establishing and maintaining great relationships is essential to our business. We work with some of the most experienced and respected people in the recruitment industry who have been with us throughout our journey from startup to success. 8. Employee culture We believe a good working environment produces a positive atmosphere, this in turn drives great results. The well-being of our employees is paramount in creating and maintaining a good place to work. We have excellent retention rates and are proud that our employees enjoy coming to work. 9. Corporate and social responsibility We are wholly committed to corporate and social responsibility.We support Incredible Edible in helping to engage with the local community. We actively participate in fundraising activities throughout the year and help local and national charities. We maintain green standards and minimise our carbon footprint where possible. 10. Our values and ethics have strengthened our position and ensure that we offer a service that is second to none.