Organisation of the photo shoot

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Organisation of the photoshoot

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Organisation of the photoshoot

Models The models I am using are all going to be females. I am going to use three girls that are in my class to be a band. They are all going to be a pop band. The reason being is that the target audience I am aiming for is females, by using a pop female band it will give my readers someone to inspire to creating role models for them. I am also using another female in my class, she is going to be a solo artists. The reason why I am using all females and no men is because I want this magazine to be different from the usual pop magazine, I want mine to be more classy and for the older female market. By having all females my older female target market will understand that this magazine doesn't have to consist of males to be interesting, by creating powerful role models for the females of my market.

Photo of the models i am using

I want to aim for a picture like this. They look cool and fun and fit what i want my audience to look up to. They look like ordinary girls and especially there clothing, looks like their own three individual styles.

LocationThe location of my photoshoot is going to be in a photoshoot room. It will have a white background. This give the professional feel to the magazine which is what I want. By making the photoshoot in a proper photoshoot room it will be easier for me to edit each photo I want. Because the background is white this therefore means I can edit the background in photoshop and have any background I want. The lighting will be natural lighting so the tone of the white background will come threw more. I don't want the lighting to shine on the models face because I a want the complexion not to be ruined. I also will not be having back lighting I will have one key light however it will be positioned diagonally.

This is what the studio i will shoot the photos in look like. The room is simple and effective and it means i can use any props i want to incorporate into the shoot or add any effects late in photoshop.

Costume The costumes that my models are going to wear are going to be simple and normal clothes that a band would wear. By making it normal clothes they can relate to the readers and show them to be a pop star you can look normal. The clothing will be darker because I want a different type of pop girl band. I don't want it to be all pink and normal pop girly colours. This will stand out from the crowd. Showing there are many styles of being a pop band.

These are a few outfits that are casual and a every day wear for the girls. By my models wearing this it shows that the girls are normal and down to earth girls that younger girls will inspire to be like.