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  • Bluetooth MarketingMobile ApplicationsA division of ValueFirst Messaging Pvt Ltd


  • Offer locator is a client app for mobile Phones, that lets You be a Smarter Shopper

    You just have to create a profile and enter your preferences

    Now, The application will archive all the deals and offers that Best suits you automatically

  • 1User Fills One time Registration Details

  • 2FillsGeographical andCategory Preferences

  • 3Selectsthe Brands he love

  • 4Also,the Productshe is interested in

  • Now the Intelligent Engine @ the backend selects set of different offers Periodically for each user and Push them to his mobile automatically*

  • Web Based Interface ForBankers and Merchants to Upload OffersMobile Interface ForCustomers to View Deals Best Suited for him

  • Personalized Home PageFor Every Userwith featured Offersand Catalogued Deals


  • *Featured Offers Filtered and Publishedas per the user

  • Archived offersAs per Categoriesand products

  • Coupon LevelDetails of Each offer

  • Personalized Sub List in each Heading

  • Thanks ! for more Details Please get in touch

    - Hariom Seth(West), +91

    -Gagan Chadha(All India), +91