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1. SEWER LOCATOR Whether you want to expand your property, install sprinklers, or plant a tree you will need a competent underground utility locating service that will ensure that you dont hit the gas main. We are the private utility locating service of choice for residents in Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County and major Southern California cities. Our utility locating services are designed to save homeowners and contractors valuable time, money as well as resources. We help contractors and homeowners in Southern California stay on budget by helping them map out the location of underground utility lines that they have to work over. We have serviced Land Surveyors, school campuses, Environmental Projects, Government or Military facilities, Commercial development projects, Corporate Businesses as well as a variety of other institutions. This is why we are the private utility locating California service of choice for residents as well as contractors. 2. Utility Locating Services You will have to deal with a lot more than underground primary service networks especially when it comes to excavation. Utilities that go beyond a customers meter are privately owned which is why people contact us to complete the job. We are equipped to keep you safe. Our clients count on us to: Give them competitively priced rates. Provide utilities location services for private utilities. Save them thousands in repair costs by letting them know about any potential hazards before they dig 3. Private Utility Locating Any time you are preparing to dig, be certain to contact a reliable utility locator. Such services are necessary before doing any kind of digging, regardless of how small the project. Utility lines are not always where they appear to be through line of sight, so using the expertise of a utility locator or underground utility locator is essential. By hiring a professional, not only you will be able to conduct locating underground utilities or locating buried utilities, but also you will be capable to work on locating how deep they are buried. With a company such as Util-Locate, you have 97 percent accuracy for utility lines as deep as 13 feet. This information allows you to proceed with your project with the confidence that you will not interfere with buried utilities. 4. Utility Location Services The utility locate technicians use a variety of electromagnetic sensors and GPR that are able to non-invasively penetrate the surface of the earth, up to a depth of 13+ feet. The signals produced by the equipment locate the pipes and wires, allowing the technicians to create a map or diagram of the location and depth of each utility present. Although rarely needed, the utility locate technician can always return to a work site to verify any questionable findings made as construction progresses. Private Utility Locating & Mapping Services in Southern California 5. For inquiries please visit :