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  • 8/3/2019 My Uk Novdec 09



    UK November - December 2009

    insider tricks& productsthat really work!

    h influences forultimate control!

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  • 8/3/2019 My Uk Novdec 09

  • 8/3/2019 My Uk Novdec 09

    3/523MAXIMUM YIELD UK - November / December 2009








    From the Editor

    Letters to the Editor

    Ask ErikMAX Facts

    Product Spotlight

    Check Your Growing IQ

    You Tell Us

    Do You Know?

    Coming up in January - February










    Water as a Substrate: Aeroponics and Aero-hydroponicsby Noucetta Kehdi

    Drying and Preserving Herbsby Matt LeBannister

    Dosing Procedures for Nutrients and Additives

    by Bob Taylor

    Seaweed: A Precious Material for Plant Nutritionby Luis Bartolo

    Nutritious and Delicious: Tomatoesby Kathy Anderson

    What is pH? Part IIby Grodan

    Little Growers Roots are Spreadingby Heather Pearl



    november / december 2009CONTENTS






  • 8/3/2019 My Uk Novdec 09

    4/524 MAXIMUM YIELD UK - November / December 2009

    FROM THEeditor jessica raymond

    letters to the editor

    Ma imum Yield reserves the right to edit or brevity.

    WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!Email us at:

    Do you have any articles or data on reverse osmosis orhydroponic growing?

    Thank you! Donette Lamson

    R G :RO Logic: A Thinking Man's Guide to Reverse Osmosis x

    k . Y RO L k : =July/August from November/December 2008 UK

    How can I get rid o spidermites without chemicals in my indoorgrow room? They gotta go! Please reply. You guys rock!

    Harry Campbell

    P . P m m ' , m

    . S m m m m , m k m . D m,

    m , . T m

    "k " x k .I ' m m m

    m . C q k - CO2 . G L k.

    Erik Biksa

    Fresh WaterNatural Killers

    I was wondering when is the best time to oliar spray.When there's lightor no light?

    Thanks Chrissy Pamplin

    W m ( ), j . A m k

    , . R ,

    B m m , . I , q m

    . S m m " , x m j

    j k . A -

    m m .

    Erik Biksa

    Foliar Advice

    "Always experiment by justspraying a ew leaves onone o your plants be ore

    subjecting the entire crop to apotentially damaging spray."

    The Right to SearchI really wanted to search on your website, but oundthere was no such eature. Any chance you are planningon adding a search bar to your website? I love your work.Great job!

    Thanks Rod Maley

    W , , - m . O m q

    . H , x

    .H , m

    k , m k M x m m Y .

    T k k .

    Wes Cargill

    J R m , Edito @maximumyi


    Get ready or an issue ull o tips and tricks to get yourgarden rolling, and i it is already in ull swing, how to keepit in top shape or ma imum growth and yield. This issuetouches on some important details that can make or breakyour garden production. Nutrient dosing, knowing theper ect pH or your crop, learning about seaweeds importantrole in your garden and, to help with the nal stages o yourcrop, we share tips on drying and preserving your herbs.The world is realizing that hydroponics is going to be the

    primary means or ood production and it is great to seethe UK leading the way with its educational initiatives orchildren. This issue we eature an article on Little Growers,a school program which gets children involved in growingand learning about the environment, sustainability andhealthy eating.

    This month marks the East CoastUSA Indoor Gardening E po inOrlando, Florida (Nov. 7-8). Althoughthe trek may be ar, we promise

    it will be well worth your time.Companies rom around the globewill be available to answer all o yourquestions and inspire your growingventures.We hope you enjoy this

    read and the new look andeel o your UK edition.

    We have lots o great stuplanned or 2010, so keepreading and keep growing!
  • 8/3/2019 My Uk Novdec 09

  • 8/3/2019 My Uk Novdec 09

    6/526 MAXIMUM YIELD UK - November / December 2009

    Heather Pearl is completing her BAin development geography at KingsCollege. She acts as undraiser or theLittle Growers team, helping to increaseits e posure and endorsements. Sheis keen to champion the Little Growerscause or worldwide youth education inthe elds o health and horticulture.

    Matt LeBannister works atHomegrown Hydroponics, themanu acturer o the DNF line opremium nutrients and enhancementproducts. Matt manages the retailstore at Homegrowns head o cein Toronto and as o late has beentraveling the trade show circuit astheir resident e pert.


    BUSINESS MANAGER - Linda JessonSALES DIRECTOR - Lisa Lambersek

    EDITOR - Jessica Raymond

    ADVERTISING SALES 250.729.2677

    Linda Jesson - linda@maximumyield.comLisa Lambersek - lisa@maximumyield.comJulie Madden - julie@maximumyield.comIlona Hawser -


    Pentti Tikkanen - pentti@maximumyield.comAlice Joe -

    Wes Cargill - wes@maximumyield.comACCOUNTING - Lee Anne Veres

    I N D O O R G A R D E N I N G


    Ma imum Yield is published bi-monthly byMa imum Yield Publications Inc.

    2339A Delinea Place, Nanaimo, BC V9T 5L9Phone: 250.729.2677; Fa 250.729.2687

    No part o this magazine may be reproducedwithout permission rom the publisher.

    I li r l l r r r .The views expressed by columnists are a personal opinion and do

    not necessarily refect those o Maximum Yield or the Editor.Publication Agreement Number 40739092

    contributorsNoucetta Kehdi is the co- ounder andadministrator o General Hydroponicsin Europe. Noucetta got involved inhydroponics in the early 1990s andin 1996 she moved to the southwesto France where she took care o agreenhouse educating hersel on allthings hydroponics.

    Bob Taylor is the chie chemist oFlair orm (www.fair - anAustralian based manu acturingcompany. Bob was an approved NATAsignatory and an o cial registeredanalyst or the governments chemicalanalysis monitoring program o all

    ertilizers registered in WesternAustralia.

    Become a Ma imum Yield contributor and haveyour articles read by 250,000 readers throughoutUSA, Canada, UK and Australia. Ma imum Yieldis the largest ree-to-consumer indoor gardeningmagazine in the world. Every issue is available , which has thousands o uniquevisitors monthly.

    Tell us what you think at Wed love to hear from you.

    ComIng upon the Web

    Latest neWs The Maldives made headlines earlier this year when they vowed to become the rst

    carbon neutral nation by 2020. Hydro Masta Pty Ltd. of Australia has been awarded a contract to supply 2,000 plant

    hydroponic lettuce systems or the island o Futuna in the Paci c. Cho Woong had designed a fridge-based growing system hoping to eliminate the

    harvest portion o growing by picking produce resh rom the ridge.

    Sustainability is the act o producing all o thenecessities or li e in a manner that does not degrade thequantity or quality o resources or uture generations.

    -Matt Geschke-

    speed Read1. Thermal conductivity o water is 23 times greater than that o air.That is why water-chillers are super-e cient and, despite a high

    up ront cost, they make sense in the long run. Read more inStephen Keens Chill Out: Water Chillers Explained, with Pat King.

    2. Even though winter surrounds us, we can still get that summer-resh taste on a chilly evening with Dr. Lynette Morgans guide to

    indoor strawberries.3. Sustainability: Buzz Word or Legitimate Agenda? Well that

    is the question really because we throw it around like wecreated the idea. Matt Geschke o Sure To Grow takes us on ajourney through the Incan and Aztec cultures to discover that,surprisingly, the term has been around or centuries.

    eventsEast Coast USA Indoor Gardening ExpoNow is the time to pack your bags or the EastCoast USA Indoor Gardening Expo in Orlando,Florida. The Greener Places, Sustainable Spaces event, November 7-8,will be held at the beauti ul Orlando-Marriott World Centre.Join Ma imum Yield or a un- lled and in ormative weekend.Visit or more in ormation.

    Jose Luis Pinheiro Bartolo is thepresident o Biobizz Worldwide Inc.,a global leader in the production ohydroponic organic ertilizers andsoil mi tures. He is passionate aboutthe organic market and providing thehighest servic