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    Overcoming Cancer with Prayer & Diet

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    highlandny.org HIGHLAND HEIGHTS 3 November-December

  • intended to beholy days. Let us put thankfulness back in Thanksgiving and Christ back in our Christmas.

    There is so much to be done and with so little time, but never forget the heart of these holy days. Take time during these days to remember Gods blessings and thank Him for them. Take time to express your appre-ciation to God and say Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! May our expression of a full, heartfelt gratitude to God become our greatest occasion for these days of festivities and joy. Moreover, may we also use this sea-son to say thank you to people. We can express our thankfulness to so many people in our lives for whom we are indebted to and who sometimes do not get to hear this from us very much. The Apostle wrote in his epistle to the Christians in Thessalonica, We always give thanks to God for all of you and mention you in our prayers constantly. (1 Thessalonians 1:2)

    So let our holy days not become a one day event, but rather a lasting theme for the remaining of this year 2013 and continuing to the next, so that we can be truly grateful to God for all the favors He has granted us. The giving of thanks to God is important because it honors God. Let the season of Advent awaken us to the im-mensity of Gods love and let us also savor the awe-someness of the greatest gift of our Saviors birth. Let us take time to be thankful and rejoice that we have such a gracious Father in heaven, who so loved us, that He sent His Only Begotten Son as Savior. Let our thankful-ness be to God. Let our Christmas be about our Savior. The wise men did not stand in the presence of the pre-cious child and exchange gifts among themselves or just give gifts to others. We read that the gifts were presented unto Him. These men understood they were in the presence of Emmanuel (God with us). Let us enter a new season of thankfulness and celebration, not as a final close to the year 2013, but a season that ushers us into 2014 with a grateful heart.

    It is time to return to the real meaning of the coming season and to turn our holidays into holy days. May this holiday season truly be a holy time for all of us here at Highland Church.

    s we approach the holidays, we need to re-mind ourselves to make God and His King-dom the central part of our Thanksgiving and Christmas tradition. We get so stressed out in the busyness of the season, that re-

    membering its true meaning sometimes gets pushed to the sidelines. More and more, the people of God are be-ing pulled away from the real significance of the holidays and toward the outlandish world of commercialization, competition, consumerism and merchandising. Sadly, over the years, the true purpose of these festivals has de-teriorated to become something they were never meant to be! Holidays are the busiest time of the year. Apart from your ordinary busy day, you now have the added respon-sibilities of purchasing holiday decorations, baking, cooking, shopping, procuring gifts and all that accompa-nies the festivities. But these holidays were meant to be times to worship the Lord, to remember His goodness and to celebrate the themes and symbols that mean so much to us and that help make us who we are.

    Let us take time to make the holidays truly holy days. The word holiday comes from the word holy day, a term that originated with the church fathers to represent festivals of special significance during which people took time to celebrate and worship the Lord. So let us determine to make these holidays what they were

    4 HIGHLAND HEIGHTS highlandny.org November-December

    HOLY DAYS Turning the Holidays into true

    Holy Days

    By: Pastor Subash Cherian

  • 6 HIGHLAND HEIGHTS highlandny.org November-December

    ministry ads

  • highlandny.org HIGHLAND HEIGHTS 7 November-December

    The Lord was in every decision we made, every step we took, every corner we turned.

    He was right there leading the way. During this time, we had a medical doctor overseeing Manny who took a naturalistic approach to his cancer. He would order PET scans every 6 months. The tumor kept growing, but at a very slow pace which was unusual for this type of cancer. On the last PET scan, it showed that the tumor was moving toward the Hyoid Bone which could have been disastrous. This concerned our doctor and he recommended that we consult an oncologist again. We were considering surgery, but when we spoke to the radiologist about it, he was so opposed to it and asked us to reconsider the radiation and chemo. Through much prayer and fasting we felt lead by the Lord to do the treatment and that He would direct us to the right doctor. I did not have peace about the type of chemo Manny would be getting, so I asked if there was an alternative. The doctor say yes and that Manny would be a good candidate for it. This gave me peace. The doctor also made some changes to the mask which made it more tolerable for Manny to go through with the radiation.

    Another blessing we received was the provision of a place to stay close to where Manny would be receiving his treatment. The Hope Lodge, owned and operated by the American Cancer Society provides free lodging for cancer patients and their care-givers. We were so thankful that our application was accepted. We were there for 8 weeks.

    The doctors there were so amazed when they heard our testimony. They could hardly believe that it was 27 months before starting treatment! Mannys tumor (known to be a fast growing tumor) grew very slowly, Mannys health was better now than before and all be-cause we trusted God and ate veggies. Today we can say that Manny is CANCER FREE!

    TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORYand a heartfelt thank you to our Highland Church Family for all the prayers for Manny and me over the past few years.

    testimony article

    By: Manny & Ann Cangemie


    t all started in August 2009 when my hus-band Manny saw a small soft lump on the left side of his neck. The doctor said it was only a cyst and for us to watch it. We would return to the doctors office every 3

    to 4 months to have it drained. This went on for a little over a year until it wouldnt drain at all. A biopsy was done and it was reported as cancer.

    Immediately, appointments were made for Manny to start radiation and chemotherapy. A week prior to his ap-pointment, Manny had to be fitted for a mask which would cover his head, face and shoulders so his organs would be protected during the treatment. It was a huge, tight fitting mask and because of his claustrophobia he was unable to go through with the treatment.

    For 27 months we stood on Gods Word and trusted the Lord. Because of the many testimonies we had heard of the Lord healing cancer by following a vegetarian diet, we decided to do the same. Manny did very well on this regimen. He lost the extra weight he needed to, his blood work was excellent and his energy level was high.

  • 8 HIGHLAND HEIGHTS highlandny.org November-December

  • highlandny.org HIGHLAND HEIGHTS 9 November-December

    ministry ads


    1 lb. Breakfast pork sausage

    1-1/2 Cups of hot water

    2pkg. (6 oz. each) STOVE TOP Stuffing Mix

    for Turkey

    1 BUTTERBALL Frozen Whole Turkey

    (10 lb.), thawed

    MAKE IT HEAT oven to 325F.

    BROWN sausage in skillet; drain, reserving 1/2

    cup drippings. Add drippings to large bowl; stir

    in hot water. Add stuffing mixes and sausage;

    stir just until stuffing mixes are moistened.

    STUFF neck and body cavities lightly with

    stuffing. Truss turkey; place, breast-side up, on

    rack in large roasting pan sprayed with cooking

    spray. Spoon any remaining stuffing into sepa-

    rate baking dish sprayed with cooking spray;

    cover. Refrigerate stuffing until ready to bake.

    BAKE turkey 3 to 3-1/4 hours or until internal

    temperature of thigh is 180F and breast and

    center of stuffing are 165F, adding dish with

    remaining stuffing to oven for the last 30 min.

    KRAFT KITCHEN TIPS Do not stuff turkey until ready to roast.


    Balance this special-occasion entree with

    smart side dishes. For example, choose a

    mixed green salad and your favorite hot cooked vegetable.

    From: www.kraftrecipes.com

    Roast Turkey with

    Sausage Stuffing


  • 10 HIGHLAND HEIGHTS highlandny.org November-December


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