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  • Sieve Tray Oil Stripper by Desmet Ballestra

    Science behind Technology

    We have had our Desmet Ballestra Sieve Tray Oil Stripper operating for three years. This new technology has consistently achieved very low residual hexane in the oil and has been trouble-free to operate. It was a solid investment for our company.

    Rodney Fenske, Operations ManagerSouth Dakota Soybean Processors, USA.

    New break through in oil stripping tray technology dramatically increases oil/steam contact!

    Proven 5 years of development with the fi rst unit and now over 30 units sold!

    Only 95-99 C (203-210 F) miscella temperature required from second stage evaporator!

    Only 4% stripping steam required! Industry leading 5-10 ppm residual hexane in

    oil on most units operating!

  • Evaluate, Educate, ExploreFOOD SCIENCE AT PITTCON 2014

    March 2-6, 2014Chicago,

    Pitt con is the leading conference and expositi on for the latest advances in Food Science. Att ending Pitt con gives you a unique opportunity to get a hands-on look at cutti ng-edge product innovati ons from leading companies. Parti cipate in any of the more than 2,000 technical presentati ons to learn about recent discoveries from world-renowned members of the scienti fi c community. Improve or develop your skills by taking a short course taught by industry experts.

    For more informati on on technical sessions, exhibitors and short courses, visit www.pitt

    Follow Us for special announcements

  • Introducing the Anderson8 Dox/HivexTM Series Expander


    This new Anderson Dry Dox/HivexTM Expander reduces oil content to 19-25%R.O. and efficiently shears the oil cells toincrease Expeller capacities 40-100%.

    Features:Oil Drainage CageAnderson Expeller ShaftsV-Belt DriveManually Operated ChokeVFD Driven Feeder

    Contact us today to learn more about how this unique oilseedprocessing machinery can benefityour current or future requirements.

    High Oil Content Seed Capacities, From 30-65 MTPD

    4545 Boyce Parkway, Stow, Ohio 44224 U.S.A.Phone: (216) 641-1112 Fax: (330) 688-0117Web Site:

  • COnTEnTS

    Designing surfactant-only formulati ons for a high-salinity and ti ght reservoirInjecti ng mature oil wells with surfactants and other chemicals is one way to en-hance oil recovery, but high-saline environments and ti ght reservoirs pose addi-ti onal challenges. Read about some of the specialized formulati ons that are being developed for such situati ons.

    Could panda gut microbes power the next-generati on biorefi nery?Researchers investi gate whether integrati ng panda gut microbes into a biofuels plat-form could help reduce costs associated with producing second-generati on biofuels.

    Seven new biobased surfactant technologiesNew technologies are making it easier than ever to make products from renewable feedstocks. Inform takes a look at the key att ributes of seven novel biobased surfac-tant technologies.





    November/December 2013 inform

    Enhanced oil recovery and household laundrymore alike than you might thinkEnhanced oil recovery (EOR) and household laundering diff er greatly in scale but have similar mechanisms and technical requirements. A senior staff research en-gineer with Shell Internati onal Explorati on and Producti on Inc., USA, who received the AOCS 2013 Samuel Rosen Memorial Award describes the similariti es as well as some of the subtle diff erences.

  • Production of value-added co-products in industrial oilseedsScientists describe their work with the biopolymer polyhydroxybutyrate (PHB) and ex-plain why it makes an ideal co-product for oilseeds with applications in the nutrition and industrial markets.

    Ultrasound in palm oil milling: a paradigm shift for a traditional processRead how the benefits of ultrasound application in industrial plantsincluding increased yield of oil from fresh fruit bunches, enhanced throughput, and reduced waste solids and energy consumptionare being quantified.

    Engineered oilseed crops with fish oil DHA levelsEngineering marine oils into land plants has been a long-standing goal of oilseed bio-engineers. Researchers at Australias national science agency provide an update on the progress that has been made with respect to the most challenging long-chain -3 fatty acid: docosahexaenoic acid (DHA).

    The use of carboxylate surfactants to enhance deinking in flotation processing during paper recyclingIn the United States alone, about 45 million tons (41 million metric tons) of paper and paperboard are recycled each year. A chemical engineering professor sheds new light on the process used to remove the ink.

    Do oil color scales make you see red . . . or yellow?Color measurement is a critical aspect of oil quality. Learn how selecting and communi-cating the correct color scale can eliminate confusion and costly misunderstandings.

    Letter from the president

    2014 AOCS Annual Meeting & Expo: San Antonio is set to inspire The 105th AOCS Annual Meeting & Expo will be held in San Antonio, Texas, USA, where great facilities and attractions, bold culture, and historic legacy make for Texas-sized memories.

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