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NovDec 2010 issue of Security Shredding & Storage News

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    Volume 7, Issue 6 NoVember / December 2010

    Papers Broadening Horizons

    A Return to Civility

    PRISM International to Release Revised Standard Storage and Service Agreement

    Former NSA Director Predicts Cyber Security Meltdown

    InsIde ThIs Issue6


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    Baler, Conveyor Firms Help Bundle It All Up

    By P.J. Heller

    Manufacturers of baler and conveyor systems offer paper shredding companies a variety of systems for transporting & baling paper. But before investing in a new system, prospective buyers should bundle up some of their own information notably the rate and volume of material to be processed, now and in the future, along with the footprint of their facility. Having such information, in advance of your purchase, will enable the equipment manufacturer to determine the most cost-effective and ideal equipment for your facility.

    System equipment configurations can vary widely, with a myriad of choices in equipment, designs, features, capabilities and prices. Other factors to consider include the cost of powering the equipment, wire cost per bale and availability of parts and service.

    Everybodys application is unique, notes Gary Brooks, director of sales for NexGen, a manufacturer based in Alabama.

    Based on the application, a vertical or horizontal baler may be required. Vertical balers, where a plunger or platen travels up and down, may be a good option for lower volume production needs and where space is at a premium. The bales are tied manually.

    A horizontal baler, in either a single- or double-ram configuration, is generally more efficient. The platen or plunger in a horizontal baler moves from the front to the back; an open top allows for automated feeding. Single-ram balers can be found in facilities handling low to medium volumes. In a double-ram model, more compression is applied to make the material denser, with one ram compacting the material while the second ram ejects the bale after it has been tied off.

    Horizontal balers are further broken down into open- and closed-end models. In the open-end model, material is continuously extruded and requires an auto-tie system. The closed-door baler, in which material can be hand- or conveyor-fed into a hopper, has a door at the end of the baling chamber which has to be opened and closed for each bale. Manual tying is required.

    Knowing exactly what theyre going to bale and how much is critical, as is their space requirements, says Brady Bergey, regional sales manager for Excel Manufacturing in Minnesota.

    We try to work with customers to give them the production capability they need plus try to fit the space requirements if any, adds Bob Pfeffer of Harris, headquartered in Tyronne, Ga.

    The following companies are among the leading baler and conveyor manufacturers based in the U.S., and offer equipment for the paper recycling and document destruction industry.

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    Security Shredding & Storage News


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    Baler, Conveyor Firms Help Bundle It All Up

    Excel Manufacturing

    Excel Manufacturing likes to compare the design of its balers to the hand-crafted precision that goes into making luxury cars while combining the strength and durability of todays military tanks.

    And like a premium luxury car company or even a defense contractor that may produce only a few different vehicles, Excel specializes in manufacturing only two types of balers: manual tie closed-door horizontal machines and two-ram auto-tie horizontal balers. Some 13 different models are offered, along with the companys conveyors and dump carts, allowing it to offer customers a turn-key system.

    For the shredding industry, Excels EX manual tie notably its EX63 model and its 2R63 two-ram auto-tie baler are among the companys most popular offerings. Larger two-ram balers also are available.

    We have customers who may make as little as three bales a day to those who make 1,500 bales a week, says Brady Bergey, regional sales manager.

    Bergey notes that significant savings can be realized with the two-ram baler compared to the open-end design.

    This is specifically because of the way the bale is tied and the use of galvanized wire as opposed to annealed wire, he explains. It is not uncommon to see customers saving between 25 cents and 60 cents per bale over an open-end design baler. It isnt uncommon to see our customers save $1,000-plus per month by switching to a two-ram, based on wire alone. It adds up significantly.

    Excel manufactures its own rubber and steel belt conveyors to integrate with its balers. The vast

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    majority of conveyors sold are fixed speed, ensuring that the maximum amount of material is put on the conveyor.

    Since its founding in 1991, Excel has stressed the durability of its balers and their easy serviceability by end-users.

    Excel works closely with potential shredding customers to help them determine the best system for their needs. That includes determining the amount of material to be processed, how many hours a day the baler will run and, especially critical, whether a space can hold a large machine or if a small footprint machine would be a better fit.

    Excel sells its equipment primarily throughout North America through a nationwide network of distributors. Its equipment is also sold and serviced overseas.

    Excel Manufacturing778 W. 12th St. St. Charles, MN 55972 Toll Free: (800) 475-8812

    Would you like more information about the products or services advertised in this publication?

    Simply complete the form located between pages 10 & 11 and fax it to us today at 440-257-6459.

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    Security Shredding & Storage News


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    Baler, Conveyor Firms Help Bundle It All UpHarris

    Founded more t h a n 1 2 0 years ago as a blacksmith shop in Georgia, Harris Recycling has grown into an industry leader offering one of the largest selection of balers, from a small grocery store vertical baler to a $6 million ferrous baler.

    That variety of equipment allows Harris to meet the needs of paper shredding companies, with horizontal balers such as its standard compact closed-door manual tie Piranha, to more customized models such as the shredder-feed HSO series and HLO series for larger volume applications. Both the HSO and HLO series are open end, auto-tie balers.

    Other machines are available to handle even larger volumes.

    We try to work with customers to give them the production capability they need plus try to fit their space requirements, if any, notes Bob Pfeffer, director of sales for the U.S., Canada, Australia

    and New Zealand. Balers from Harris

    are not only designed to be heavy duty and long lasting, but come standard with features usually costing extra, such as cooling fans and a conveyor starter, Pfeffer says. The auto ties on the horizontal balers are some of the most reliable in the industry, he adds.

    Companies considering purchasing a baler should consider not only their current needs, but their future needs, Pfeffer advises.

    They need to consider their production today and in the future, he says. They should compare features and benefits on balers, including the manufacturers