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  • 7/23/2019 Movies you should watch ;)


    12 Documentaries You Should Definitely WatchIf You Liked Making A MurdererDisclaimer: Dean Strang and Jerry Buting arent in any of them.

    nless you!"e #een li"ing under a rock for the last $eek% you!"e&ro#a#ly $atched 'etfli(!s ne$ true)crime documentary seriesMaking a Murderer*


    And if you havent, what are you doing !A"#$ %".

    If you!"e finished the series% you!re &ro#a#ly thirsty for more* Sohere are some similar documentaries and series you shoulddefinitely $atch+

  • 7/23/2019 Movies you should watch ;)


    1* The Central Park Five

    Sundance Selects

    "his &'(& documentary tells the story of the ()*) #entral +ar -ogger case, in which five men were

    wrongfully convicted of the violent assault and rae of a woman who was -ogging in #entral +ar.

    After the true eretrator of the crime confessed, the five original susects sued the city of New /or

    for malicious rosecution and racial discrimination.

    Watch on+Netflix
  • 7/23/2019 Movies you should watch ;)


    2* The Thin Blue Line

    0iramax 1ilms

    "his film, made in ()**, documents the wrongful murder conviction of 2andall Dale Adams. "he film

    includes re3enactments of the crime and interviews with those involved, including Adams defence

    attorneys, who argued that Adams was wrongfully convicted 4ecause, under "exas law, he could 4e

    sentenced to death.

    Watch on+Netflix
  • 7/23/2019 Movies you should watch ;)


    ,* The Seven Five

    Sony +ictures

    "his documentary, made in &'(5, loos at the corrution within the 67th recinct of the N/+D during

    the ()*'s. %t follows the story of former olice officer 0ie Dowd and his artner 8en 9urell, who

    were arrested on drug trafficing charges in ())&, and includes footage from the investigation and

    interviews with Dowd and 9urell.

    Watch on+i"unes, Amaon %nstant ;ideo
  • 7/23/2019 Movies you should watch ;)


    -*Brothers Keeper

    !ellsring 0edia %nc.

    Brothers Keepertells the story of Del4ert !ard, who in ())' was accused of the murder of his 4rother

    !illiam in Syracuse, New /or. !ard was never convicted of the crime due to lac of DNA evidence

    and the suggestion that he was coerced into a confession 4y New /or state olice, who had him sign a

    written statement that he couldnt read.

    Watch on+Netflix
  • 7/23/2019 Movies you should watch ;)


    .* Capturing the Friedmans

    0agnolia +ictures

    "his Academy Award3nominated documentary follows the trial of Arnold 1riedman, and later his son,

    Jesse, who were arrested for child molestation in the ()*'s. "he film consists of the familys home

    movies, which were filmed while Arnold and Jesse awaited trial.

    Watch on+Amaon %nstant ;ideo
  • 7/23/2019 Movies you should watch ;)


    /* The Jinx: The Lie and !eaths o "o#ert !urst