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enlightenmentWaking up with the MoviesUsed for the purpose of Awakening to our Spiritual Reality, movie watching is a joyful way to learn metaphysics and practice forgiveness.

Movie Watchers Guide to

Messengers of Peace Foundation for the Awakening Mind Utah, U.S.A

Messengers of Peace

Copyright 1998, 1999, 2008, 2009, 2011 Foundation for the Awakening Mind Living Miracles Publications HC63 Box 822 Duchesne UT 84021-0137 +1-435-548-2479 www.livingmiraclescenter.orgAll rights reserved. No parts of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording or by any information storage and retrieval system, without written permission from the author, except for the inclusion of brief quotations in a review.

Movie Watchers Guide to Enlightenment By David Hoffmeister Third Edition ISBN 978-0-9824717-0-8

Messengers of PeaceMessengers of PeaceDedicated to Enlightenment: Constant Peace, Happiness and FreedomThe Messengers of Peace live simple devotional lives, travelling where invited to share practical gatherings that inspire and bless all who come seeking peace of mind. They are dedicated to the complete awakening from the dream of separation and as such are devoted to experiencing enlightenment. The Messengers of Peace recognize that there are many different pathways to truth, and although they come from different countries and backgrounds, each of them was led to a deeply committed practical application of A Course In Miracles. Working directly with those who are devoted to their spiritual awakening is their joy. Their passion and commitment take them all over the world as they share and extend the Purpose of the Holy Spirit. Coming together with the Messengers of Peace is a chance to join with the shared intention of uncovering the beliefs that seem to obstruct the awareness of loves presence. Gatherings and retreats are opportunities for bringing your greatest concerns, your deepest questions and your most intimate seeking for clarity and understanding to those who rely entirely on the Spirit to answer from a perspective that is beyond the personal. The result of learning the Holy Spirits purpose of forgiveness leads to the peace, happiness and freedom that is Reality. All seemingly different paths to Truth converge and are transcended in the Mystical Experience.The experience ends the world of duality and conflict forever and is one of clarity, of great joy, and of deep peace and tranquility.The experience is not of this world, but radiates from within. The Mystical Experience is not a concept, it comes into awareness when all concepts have been laid by. Forgiveness is the last concept there can be before the Mystical Experience comes into awareness.

For a complete selection of Audio,Video and Written Publication Resources and information about Gatherings and Workshops with the Messengers of Peace visit Also, visit or for a progressive awakening curriculum.

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Revised April 2011

Welcome to seekers of truth who use movies on your inner journeyThis Guide to Enlightenment or Salvation will list movies that can be helpful in Awakening to Truth. Metaphysical and forgiveness themes will be the focus. True forgiveness is completely laying aside the ego, the belief in linear time/space. Movies can be used as a way of expanding consciousness and, ultimately, experiencing the depth and meaning of the Inner Self. They can be a means to get in touch with and release limiting beliefs and come to a resolution of inner conflict. They need not be used as a means of escapism, distraction, or fantasy fulfillment, all of which are ego reinforcement. Movies are like modern-day parables. They offer a backdrop for experiencing deeper awareness and purpose, the detached, fearless Perspective from which it is apparent all things work together for good. For those who have the ears to hear and eyes to see, movie watching can offer insights a plenty into the very heart of the Soul. This guide is a list of movies that can help uncover the Innocence and Beauty that is the Real Self as God created It. We watch movies with a desire to let them be used by the Spirit to release the concepts of past and future. We watch them with an earnest desire for deeper understanding and meaning. Our intention has not been to repress the emotions we experience as we watch, but to release all unconscious beliefs and interpretations which prevent the constant experience of Peace and Joy. In releasing everything, which does not serve inner Peace and Joy, We are so very grateful for the transformation. In this Guide we are grateful to share movies that we have been intuitively drawn to on our inward journey and we are happy to share the insights, which have been revealed from the Spirit Within.

(2) Movie Watchers Guide to Enlightenment

Messengers of Peace

There is a way to watch movies that leads to a way of observing the events and scenes and scripts of the world: with forgiving eyes. In this experience, forgiveness is synonymous with peace of mind and non judgment. First there was Brother Sun, Sister Moon, and the Call to follow Christ was apparent. The Melody of the forgotten Song was stirred.Then followed Groundhog Day and the loop of time and the change of purpose needed for Escape was revealed. Then there was Dark City and the underpinnings of a world of projection were exposed as the constructed false memories of misdirected mindthough when turned right side up, only Light and Love and Innocence remain as Reality. The Truman Show revealed what Shakespeare had foreshadowed: all the worlds a stage, though Divine Mind must see it can play no part. The contrived world of control and product placement was seen as a set and the show is effectively over when it is no longer believed as real. Good afternoon, good evening, and good night! to illusions and dreams. And then there was The Matrix a composite of all that has been revealed in a parable of going entirely beyond the fabric of the dream to total AwakeningYou are the One! Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to Awaken immediately. The Way is set. You are the One. This parable you know. A metaphysical masterpiece of the transcendence of belief. The Christ Mind, which seemed to give rise to belief must inevitably see the unreality of belief and recognize the Single Reality of Know Thy Self in God Eternally. Thank God for the Awakening to, in, and as Oneness! Thank you God! Thank you for this Perspective! Enjoy your movie mind-watching!

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A guide to watching moviesFOR

Those who seek the truth within and have an earnest desire for deeper understanding and meaning; the purpose is to come to a lasting peace of mind.WHAT WE DO

Come together with others, watch movies (images on the screen), then dialogue about what surfaces, feelings and the thoughts/values behind them. All my feelings are based on my interpretation of what seems to be on the screen. I am responsible for my feelings; they originate in my thoughts. It may seem that the images on the screen are the cause of what I feelthats because the deceived mind judges, projects those judging thoughts, forgets that it did so, and then perceives that what it caused, caused it. I see all things as I would have them be. Perception follows judgment. Having judged, we therefore see what we would look upon. For sight can merely serve to offer us what we would have.What I see reflects a process in my mind, which starts with my idea of what I want. From there, the mind makes up an image of the thing the mind desires, judges valuable, and therefore seeks to find.These images are then projected outward, looked upon, esteemed as real and guarded as ones own. (L312, 325, ACIM)HOW WE DO IT

By mind-watching and discussing what has been uncovered through mindwatching during the movie (instead of judging the characters, the movie, the actors, the settings). In a state of sleep or mindlessness, my perception is very unreliable and it changes continually. In a state of alertness or mindfulness, I can be aware of and detached from ego thoughts and see everything and everyone differently.When my mind changes, my perception changes, and the world I see is different from the way I saw before.

(4) Movie Watchers Guide to Enlightenment

A guide to watching moviesWHY WE DO IT

For the peace that comes with the stability of true perception. Ego thinking upholds belief in separation by seeing victimization, competition, bodies, and all that comprises the self-concept as real. Ego confuses the mind about cause (content) and effect (form); it distracts the mind from itself (content) by drawing its attention to images on the screen (form). The Holy Spirit consistently brings everything perceived on the screen back to the mind, where it can be seen as what it is; the out-picturing of the minds false thoughts/beliefs. The Holy Spirit sees only wholeness, all things working together for good, and only two orders of thought: Love and a Call for Love.SOME TIPS

ONE Be willing to stop the movie to detach from intense scenes, attractive scenarios, or moments where you want to know what will happen next. Watch the emotions and the investment in the images. TWO Reread the Movie Guide Synopsis frequently throughout to retrain the mind to see the symbols and characters of the movie as pointers to the Truth. It takes great training to consistently see the symbols as symbols and not to get lost in the movie. THREE If you really want to train the mind, use an Instrument for Peace worksheet to trace back upsetting emotions to the beliefs underneath. See the Appendix. An audio of a practical session using this worksheet can be