Should we let kids watch violent movies ?

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Transcript of Should we let kids watch violent movies ?

  • Should we let kids watch violent movies ?

    Screen violence will be nothing to true to life (and death) trauma.

    I found Luke Skywalker obtain his hand cut off by simply his or perhaps her own dad.

    Perhaps if I were an EMT, or even a cop, or perhaps something such as that, as well as encounteredthat sort of thing, inside real life, in an everyday basis, maybe then I'd turn out for you to bedesensitized, yet I wonder.

    Desensitized? [Expletive deleted] no.

    The Untouchables. As Well As none of that screen violence ready me, even just a new little bit,pertaining to when in which motorcycle crashed on the highway, as well as I pulled to attempt tohelp, as well as saw the actual man lying there, one eye open, watching nothing, bleeding from hismouth along with ears. My paltry medical training ended up being worthless contrary to the traumaof your 70-mph collision, and I watched, helpless, because he died. Jaws. Etc, etc, etc.

    I also watched a wounded Roy Fokker linger in a coma and finally die, leaving grieving family as wellas friends behind.

    Later, his successor as squadron commander, Rick Hunter, were required to compose to Ben Dixon'sparents when Ben fell in the line of duty.

    I watched the actual GIJoe team blaze away at the COBRA operatives making use involving theirlittle laser blasters, using nobody acquiring damage until they will got inside hand-to-hand range,after which your Joes would just take 1 swing, in add-on for you to their enemies would fold uplike...a folder.

    If children are desensitized to violence, it's because there's violence within their lives, notnecessarily simply because there's violence upon TV.

    I was raised watching Daffy Duck acquire hishead blown off just like seven occasions in aanimated brief each and also every Saturdaymorning.. Jurassic Park. Pulp Fiction. ResevoirDogs. Tombstone