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  • 1. Anglina BENOIT 2me anne GIDO

2. - If I chose this subject its because Ilove horror movies.- Since I was very young I saw lot ofthem.- Its so fun when youre afraidabout something into the movie.- A lot of people love horror moviesfor the adrenaline like me.Anglina BENOIT 2me anne GIDO 3. The horror film The subjects of The audienceis a kind whose the articles will meets peoplegoal is to create be about news ofwho lovethe feeling ofthis kind and horror moviesfear or anxiety about the new or those whoin the viewer.horror the newmovies.Anglina BENOIT 2me anne GIDO 4. RSS feeds Get the Big picture : 2012 Horror Movies Movie Web : Movie moron : Movie Newz : Anglina BENOIT 2me anne GIDO 5. Newsletters Horror & suspens movies : Alerts Google Alertes horror movies Other Favorite blog Video trailer Anglina BENOIT 2me anne GIDO 6. Paranormal activity 3 BENOIT 2me anne GIDO