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Dev Anand could carry films to success with the sheer intensity of his performance.

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  • 1. Top 10 Movies Of Dev Anand To Watch Before You Die By

2. Baazi Dev Anand amazingly pulled off the lead character of a morally ambiguous hero who was created keeping the 40s crime dramas of Hollywood in mindRead complete article @ 3. Rahi Rahi is an experimental film that was acclaimed internationally. Unfortunately, today the film which has one of the best performance ever delivered by Dev Anand, is almost forgotten. Read complete article @ 4. Hum Dono Dev Anand plays dual role of two individuals who look like each other but are not twins, with flair which comes only to geniuses..Read complete article @ 5. Kala Pani A very intense movie with superb performance from Dev Anand was a bit deterred by forced romance with lead actress Madhubala and Nalini Jaywant.Read complete article @ 6. Paying GuestThe initial romantic comedy between Nutan and Dev Anand comes as a breath of fresh air with amazing songs to support them.Read complete article @ 7. Jewel Thief Matched by gorgeous leading ladies Vyjayanthimala, Tanuja, Helen, Anju Mahendru and Faryal, this is another wonderful film of Dev Anand to hit Indian screens.Read complete article @ 8. Bombai Ka BabuDev Anand portrays the role of a fugitive on the run who takes shelter with a couple claiming to be their long lost sonRead complete article @ 9. Johny Mera Naam Johnny Mera Naam is considered to be the most seductive film of Dev Anand, especially for the filming of the song Husn ke laakhon rang which was superbly rendered by Asha Bhosle Read complete article @ 10. Hare Rama Hare Krishna Dev Anand played a perfect loving elder brother to Zeenat Aman who ends up as a drug addict due to the trauma of her conflicting parentsRead complete article @ 11. Guide Guide is not only recognized for the flawless performance of Dev Anand and Waheeda Rehman, but also as a masterpiece of Indian CinemaRead complete article @ 12. Thanks Visit us at http://www.topyaps.comOr Join us @