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Making Impressions. Write about a time when you met someone who left you with a bad first impression. What made it bad?. Write IT!. On a scrap piece of paper, write the first thing that comes to mind…. Write IT!. Write IT!. Write IT!. Write IT!. Write IT!. Write IT!. Write IT!. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Making Impressions

  • Making ImpressionsWrite about a time when you met someone who left you with a bad first impression. What made it bad?

  • Write IT!On a scrap piece of paper, write the first thing that comes to mind

  • Write IT!

  • Write IT!

  • Write IT!

  • Write IT!

  • Write IT!

  • Write IT!

  • Write IT!

  • Write IT!

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  • Write IT!

  • Write IT!

  • Write IT!

  • Write IT!

  • Todays Objectives

    Discuss how to make a good first impression.

    Decide what kind of attire is appropriate for given situations.

  • First ImpressionsYou dont get a second chance to make a first impression

    Within the first three seconds of a new encounter, you are evaluated even if it is just a glance.

  • What do people notice??Visual appearanceBehaviorDemeanor MannerismsBody LanguageGroomingMaterial possessions/ accessories

  • Admit itYouve judged a book by its cover before

    If you paint an old barn its still an old barn!

    Who are you? What does your cover say about you is it what you want it to say?

  • So, how do you make a good first impression?Be on TimeInterview, date, meeting, class, anywhere!Be Yourself, Be at EaseYoure not getting paid to put on an act!Present Yourself AppropriatelyBring what YOU have to offer!Eye contact and a winning smileThis alone will engage others a smile is contagious so spread it!

  • More tipsFirm handshakeThis alone says more than any words!Be Open and ConfidentIf you dont believe in yourself, who will?Small Talk Goes a Long WayWhat do you talk about?Be Courteous And AttentivePlease, thank you, show your manners!

  • What should you wear?Good question!!Different occasions call for different attire

    Rule of thumbAlways dress one step above your audience.

    Its better to STAND out, not STICK out!

  • Types of AttireCasualSnappy CasualBusiness CasualBusiness- likeSemi-formalFormal

  • Casual Attire

  • Snappy Casual

  • Business Casual

  • Business/ Professional

  • Semi-Formal

  • Formal

  • Rule of ThumbWhat is your interviewer going to be wearing? Do some research!Wear equivalent attire.

    If you are applying for a landscaping position, and the boss is wearing work clothes that are covered in dirt what should you wear?What if all of the employees wear uniforms?

  • RecapFirst impressions are very important

    What you wear can make you or break you

  • Interview = OpportunityWhen you apply for a job always:know your schedule/ availabilityYou should ALWAYS follow up once you apply!Persistence pays off!Plan to be interviewed (be prepared)This is a good thingPlan on your future employer calling you for an interview

  • Interview = OpportunityTelephone Etiquette Following upCall approximately 1-2 days after you applySpeak with the manager/ ownerIntroduce yourselfHave an objective in mind!Im calling to follow up with an application that I submitted on __(the day before last)__.Ask a questionWhen do you foresee this position being filled?

  • Interview = OpportunityTelephone EtiquetteWhen they call youAlways answer the phone seriously Have a professional voicemail (just in case)Speak clearly and slowlyBreath often/ relaxDiscuss a time and placeAsk questionsShow appreciationRestate the time and placeI look forward to seeing you on Thursday at 11 am

  • Judgment Day day of interviewPlan ahead!Research- know what youre getting intoHave directions or know how long it will takeBe 15 minutes early Have the phone number of the place with you just in case something comes up!

  • Judgment Day day of interviewDress to impress! Take extra copies of your resume and references. ALWAYS introduce yourself and shake the interviewers hand! (review first impression tips)Dont just have a seat, let them seat you!Sit attentively on your sit bones!

  • Judgment Day day of interviewBe Prepared to answer questionsTell me about yourself.Why are you interested in this position?What do you have to offer this business?What do you consider your strengths and weaknesses?What motivates you?What has been your greatest disappointment in life?If a co-worker or boss was abusing the system, how would you handle it?What will you do if you dont get this position?What are your goals in the next 5-10 years?

  • Judgment Day day of interviewHave pre-formed questions and a notebook to take notes!How long have you worked here?What does a typical day consist of?Why is this position available?What are your expectations for this position?What are the first tasks I would be doing if hired?When do you plan to hire for this position?

  • Judgment Day day of interviewTHANK THEM for their time!Shake their hand AGAIN!Wish them a good dayHave a good day, and I hope to hear from you soon!Thank the receptionist as you leave.

  • What questions are there?REMEMBER:Plan ahead, and be prepared!

    Preparation = confidence!Confidence = calm, cool, success!